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Gareth Gates's Quotes

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Born: 1984-07-12
Profession: Musician
Nation: British
Biography of Gareth Gates

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I had a meal in Pizza Hut and the waitress told me I didn't need to pay. So I decided to be a bit cheeky and ask for more pizza and garlic bread.

Tags: Ask, Bit, Pay

Having my first number one single and being able to travel to places I've never been before has been amazing. The tour was also fantastic. There are so many things which I've experienced this year which I never even dreamed of.

Tags: Amazing, Single, Travel

I do find my speech difficult at times, but it's getting so much better as my confidence grows and that's thanks to the position I'm now in, which is totally due to my fans.

Tags: Confidence, Difficult, Getting

I've got my feet firmly on the ground, I can't see life changing too much. I reckon more girls will talk to me at college and more people will look at me, but they know me for who I am.

Tags: College, Life, Talk

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Gareth Gates's quote #2
Gareth Gates's quote #2
Gareth Gates's quote #2
Gareth Gates's quote #2
Gareth Gates's quote #2
Gareth Gates's quote #2