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George Steiner's Quotes

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Born: 1929-04-23
Profession: Critic
Nation: American
Biography of George Steiner

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Words that are saturated with lies or atrocity, do not easily resume life.

Tags: Lies, Life, Words

Language can only deal meaningfully with a special, restricted segment of reality. The rest, and it is presumably the much larger part, is silence.

Tags: Reality, Silence, Special

We know that a man can read Goethe or Rilke in the evening, that he can play Bach and Schubert, and go to his day's work at Auschwitz in the morning.

Tags: Evening, Morning, Work

Men are accomplices to that which leaves them indifferent.

Tags: Leaves, Men

The age of the book is almost gone.

Tags: Age, Almost, Book

To many men... the miasma of peace seems more suffocating than the bracing air of war.

Tags: Men, Peace, War

The immense majority of human biographies are a gray transit between domestic spasm and oblivion.

Tags: Between, Human, Majority

The journalistic vision sharpens to the point of maximum impact every event, every individual and social configuration; but the honing is uniform.

Tags: Point, Social, Vision

The ordinary man casts a shadow in a way we do not quite understand. The man of genius casts light.

Tags: Genius, Light, Understand

There is something terribly wrong with a culture inebriated by noise and gregariousness.

Tags: Culture, Noise, Wrong

The most important tribute any human being can pay to a poem or a piece of prose he or she really loves is to learn it by heart. Not by brain, by heart; the expression is vital.

Tags: Brain, Heart, Human
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