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Habitats Quotes

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The successful establishment of a buffer zone around Fort Carson will provide an example for other bases around the country as we seek to protect the training mission of the U.S. military while preserving critical habitats on our ranges.

Tags: Country, Successful, Training  ✍ Author: Wayne Allard

If you look at the carrying capacity of agricultural areas throughout the world, their ecological habitats are changing. So I think we're looking at - in our lifetime - great collapses of food services.

Tags: Food, Great, Looking  ✍ Author: Chris Barber

With nine degrees of warming, computer models project that Australia will look like a disaster movie. Habitats for most vertebrates will vanish. Water supply to the Murray-Darling Basin will fall by half, severely curtailing food production.

Tags: Fall, Food, Water  ✍ Author: Virgil Goode

The most important thing is to preserve the world we live in. Unless people understand and learn about our world, habitats, and animals, they won't understand that if we don't protect those habitats, we'll eventually destroy ourselves.

Tags: Learn, Understand, Won  ✍ Author: Jack Hanna

The rhino is now more or less extinct, and it's not because of global warming or shrinking habitats. It's because of Beyonce's handbags.

Tags: Global, Less, Shrinking  ✍ Author: Steven Morrissey

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Habitats quote #2
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Habitats quote #2
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