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Today's date, the eighteenth of May, should sometime become an occasion of great international celebration, for on this day ten years ago the first Peace Conference opened at The Hague.

Tags: Great, Peace, Today  ✍ Author: Fredrik Bajer

The interparliamentary conference should, in my opinion, direct its particular attention to the preparation of the next Hague Conference, the diplomatic conference, the conference of governments.

Tags: Attention, Next, Opinion  ✍ Author: Fredrik Bajer

The last Hague Conference has in the meantime expressed its opinion that a body should be established which could prepare for the work involved more effectively than has hitherto proved possible.

Tags: Last, Opinion, Work  ✍ Author: Fredrik Bajer

At first the English were very surprised by our disregarding the Hague Convention. But from 1916 onward they used at least as much poison as we did.

Tags: English, Poison, Used  ✍ Author: Otto Hahn

I knew that the Hague Convention prohibited the use of poison in war. I didn't know the details of the terms of the Convention, but I did know of that prohibition.

Tags: Knew, Poison, War  ✍ Author: Otto Hahn

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