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Hal Lindsey's Quotes

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Born: 1929-11-23
Profession: Writer
Nation: American
Biography of Hal Lindsey

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The most important sign in Matthew has to be the restoration of the Jews to the land in the rebirth of Israel.

Tags: Israel, Land, Sign

We are very near the final climactic events that end with the Second Coming of Christ.

Tags: Coming, End, Second

I didn't ask to be a hero, but I guess I have become one in the Christian community. So I accept it. But if I'm wrong about this, I guess I'll become a bum.

Tags: Become, Christian, Hero

Twenty years ago, I said there was going to be something that would stop the Soviet Union from taking over the world. And now we see that the Soviet Union has been stopped, through its own disintegration.

Tags: Said, Stop, Union

When the Jewish people, after nearly 2,000 years of exile, under relentless persecution, became a nation again on 14 May 1948 the 'fig tree' put forth its first leaves. Jesus said that this would indicate that He was 'at the door,' ready to return.

Tags: After, Jesus, May

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Hal Lindsey's quote #2
Hal Lindsey's quote #2
Hal Lindsey's quote #2
Hal Lindsey's quote #2
Hal Lindsey's quote #2