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Harry Bridges's Quotes

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Born: 1902-07-28
Profession: Activist
Nation: American
Biography of Harry Bridges

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Everything is produced by the workers, and the minute they try to get something by their unions they meet all the opposition that can be mustered by those who now get what they produce.

Tags: Meet, Minute, Try

There will always be a place for us somewhere, somehow, as long as we see to it that working people fight for everything they have, everything they hope to get, for dignity, equality, democracy, to oppose war and to bring to the world a better life.

Tags: Hope, Life, War

I'm a working stiff. I just happened to be around at the right time, and nobody else wanted the job.

Tags: Job, Time, Working

I'm a machine man, and I head a machine.

Tags: Head, Machine

There is a weapon we can fight with. That is the weapon of political action.

Tags: Action, Fight, Political

Neither, I must say with all due respect, is it the power of teachers and students. Basically the true and real power is with working people of all colors, of all beliefs, of all national origins.

Tags: Power, Respect, True

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