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Henry M. Jackson's Quotes

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Born: 1912-05-31
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Henry M. Jackson

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The best politics is no politics.

Tags: Best, Politics

The president's decision yesterday to set into motion the development of the hydrogen bomb... has placed us on the knife-edge of history.

Tags: Decision, History, President

Genius is initiative on fire.

Tags: Fire, Genius, Intelligence

Patience has its limits, take it too far and it's cowardice.

Tags: Far, Limits, Patience

Suffer fools gladly; they may be right.

Tags: Fools, May, Suffer

A mother never realizes that her children are no longer children.

Tags: Children, Her, Mother

No man is ever old enough to know better.

Tags: Age, Enough, Old

Those who seek happiness miss it, and those who discuss it, lack it.

Tags: Happiness, Lack, Miss

The time to read is any time: no apparatus, no appointment of time and place, is necessary. It is the only art which can be practiced at any hour of the day or night, whenever the time and inclination comes, that is your time for reading; in joy or sorrow, health or illness.

Tags: Art, Health, Time

The poor are the only consistent altruists; they sell all they have and give it to the rich.

Tags: Give, Poor, Rich

Intuition is reason in a hurry.

Tags: Hurry, Intuition, Reason

The end of reading is not more books but more life.

Tags: End, Life, Reading

Your library is your portrait.

Tags: Library, Portrait

Beware of your habits. The better they are the more surely they will be your undoing.

Tags: Beware, Habits, Surely

I think it's going to deliver on the promises we've said it's going to and it is going to be the most successful product ever to come into the handheld environment, and it just happens to have a number of different functions.

Tags: Happens, Said, Successful

I'm sorry if the following sounds combative and excessively personal, but that's my general style.

Tags: Personal, Sorry, Style

I think PSP is going to be the most successful handheld entertainment device ever. What it will do in terms of the versatility, obviously you can download music to it, and you'll be able to enjoy all your great tunes on it.

Tags: Great, Music, Successful

I think you can expect Sony, in the case of PSP specifically, to deliver a technology that is going to reinvent and change handheld entertainment, and take it to a brand new level.

Tags: Change, Expect, Technology

If we deliver on those promises, we'll have done our job, and we did it with PSOne, and we certainly did it with PS2, and we are about to do it very rapidly with PSP. This is a whole new business for us, in terms of the handheld market, and we're going about it the right way.

Tags: Business, Done, Job

We're going to create a portable handheld environment, and you should expect the same things you've always expected from Playstation - a great quality product, versatility, great value to the consumer.

Tags: Expect, Great, Value

What we did ten years ago with the Playstation was a phenomenal success story for the company. That product had a ten year life cycle, which has never been done in this industry.

Tags: Done, Life, Success
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