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Holly Marie Combs's Quotes

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Born: 1973-12-03
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Holly Marie Combs

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Your faith in yourself is all you will ever have. Don't let anyone take it away from you, ever.

Tags: Away, Faith, Yourself

There are tons of people I'd like to freeze for all of eternity, but we won't go into that!

Tags: Eternity, Freeze, Won

I had a few fibroids removed, and they left me with a Grand Canyon of scar tissue in my uterus. The doctors weren't sure I'd be able to reproduce. I was prepared for a rough road, and then out of nowhere we conceived.

Tags: Able, Few, Road

I printed a list of Irish names from the Internet and my husband, Dave, saw Finley on the list. I really liked it but didn't want to scare Dave off with my enthusiasm. So I used a little reverse psychology and let him think it was his idea.

Tags: Him, Husband, Off

My mother's very proud of the name she gave me. She thought it sounded rhythmically better. It doesn't really make a difference to me what people call me, but since my mother calls me Holly Marie when she's angry, I prefer just my first name.

Tags: Angry, Mother, Thought

To stop smoking was actually really easy because I had already started to cut down. My husband is asthmatic, and he just can't for the life of him imagine why anybody would put smoke in their mouth, so he really helped me to start cutting down.

Tags: Him, Husband, Life

When you become a mom you just learn how to function sleep deprived and you do get used to it. I came back to work when Finley was three months old and the first few months were rough. Then somehow you learn to exist on no sleep and now when he does upon occasion sleep through the night, which is like a full six hours, you're pretty sure he's suffocating. So you don't sleep anyway.

Tags: Mom, Sleep, Work

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