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One cannot set out to make a work that's spiritual. What is a contemporary iconography for the spiritual? Is it some fuzzy space?

Tags: Cannot, Spiritual, Work  ✍ Author: Anil Kapoor

If geography is prose, maps are iconography.

Tags: Geography, Maps, Prose  ✍ Author: Lennart Meri

How do you make any sense of history, art or literature without knowing the stories and iconography of your own culture and all the world's main religions?

Tags: Art, History, Sense  ✍ Author: Polly Toynbee

My visual landscape as a child was the inside of a lot of these old churches. And the Baroque drama of the things was what I was first engaging with artwise. I'm much more attracted to the aesthetic of religious iconography than the actual religious side. The passion and the blood and the violence and the gaudy side of it I find really fascinating.

Tags: Old, Passion, Violence  ✍ Author: Florence Welch

Like 'Twin Peaks,' '24,' 'Mad Men,' and 'The Sopranos' before it, 'Downton Abbey' enriches the iconography and collective lore of pop culture. It replenishes the stream.

Tags: Culture, Mad, Men  ✍ Author: Susan Wojcicki

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