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Massive numbers of people are going to come online from cultures we don't normally interact with.

Tags: Numbers, Online  ✍ Author: Jimmy Wales

When people come to see my stand-up, they get a chance to see my characters interact with each other.

Tags: Chance, Characters  ✍ Author: Dana Carvey

I'm a goodhearted person. I interact with people all the time.

Tags: Time  ✍ Author: Tim Hardaway

I'm very interested in the way people interact emotionally.

Tags: Interested  ✍ Author: Larry King

I think narcissists are endlessly watchable. The way they view the world and the way they interact within the world.

Tags: View, Within  ✍ Author: Michael Showalter

Well Web services are nothing more than a way for users to interact with applications.

Tags: Users, Web  ✍ Author: John W. Thompson

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