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Jacques Lacan's Quotes

Jacques Lacan profile photo

Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Psychologist
Nation: French
Biography of Jacques Lacan

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What does it matter how many lovers you have if none of them gives you the universe?

Tags: Lovers, Matter, Universe

Obsessional does not necessarily mean sexual obsession, not even obsession for this, or for that in particular; to be an obsessional means to find oneself caught in a mechanism, in a trap increasingly demanding and endless.

Tags: Mean, Means, Obsession

What could be more convincing, moreover, than the gesture of laying one's cards face up on the table?

Tags: Cards, Face, Table

Psychoanalysis is a terribly efficient instrument, and because it is more and more a prestigious instrument, we run the risk of using it with a purpose for which it was not made for, and in this way we may degrade it.

Tags: May, Purpose, Risk

In other words, the man who is born into existence deals first with language; this is a given. He is even caught in it before his birth.

Tags: Born, Language, Words

Writings scatter to the winds blank checks in an insane charge. And were they not such flying leaves, there would be no purloined letters.

Tags: Flying, Insane, Leaves

The narration, in fact, doubles the drama with a commentary without which no mise en scene would be possible.

Tags: Drama, Fact, Possible

For the signifier is a unit in its very uniqueness, being by nature symbol only of an absence.

Tags: Absence, Nature, Symbol

The knowledge that there is a part of the psychic functions that are out of conscious reach, we did not need to wait for Freud to know this!

Tags: Knowledge, Reach, Wait

A geometry implies the heterogeneity of locus, namely that there is a locus of the Other. Regarding this locus of the Other, of one sex as Other, as absolute Other, what does the most recent development in topology allow us to posit?

Tags: Geometry, Recent, Sex

Symptoms, those you believe you recognize, seem to you irrational because you take them in an isolated manner, and you want to interpret them directly.

Tags: Irrational, Manner, Seem

We emphasize that such a form of communication is not absent in man, however evanescent a naturally given object may be for him, split as it is in its submission to symbols.

Tags: Him, However, May

Yet, analytical truth is not as mysterious, or as secret, so as to not allow us to see that people with a talent for directing consciences see truth rise spontaneously.

Tags: Secret, Talent, Truth

Since Freud, the center of man is not where we thought it was; one has to go on from there.

Tags: Freud, Since, Thought

The Mirror Stage as formative in the function of the I as revealed in psychoanalytic experience.

Tags: Experience, Mirror, Stage

As is known, it is in the realm of experience inaugurated by psychoanalysis that we may grasp along what imaginary lines the human organism, in the most intimate recesses of its being, manifests its capture in a symbolic dimension.

Tags: Experience, Human, May

Aside from that reservation, a fictive tale even has the advantage of manifesting symbolic necessity more purely to the extent that we may believe its conception arbitrary.

Tags: Advantage, May, Necessity

But this emphasis would be lavished in vain, if it served, in your opinion, only to abstract a general type from phenomena whose particularity in our work would remain the essential thing for you, and whose original arrangement could be broken up only artificially.

Tags: Broken, Opinion, Work

Which is why we cannot say of the purloined letter that, like other objects, it must be or not be in a particular place but that unlike them it will be and not be where it is, wherever it goes.

Tags: Cannot, Place, Why

Note to secessionist Texans: now is the time to wave the Confederate Flag.

Tags: Flag, Time, Wave
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