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Jakaya Kikwete's Quotes

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Born: 1950-10-07
Profession: Politician
Nation: Tanzanian
Biography of Jakaya Kikwete

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Africa needs access to markets.

Tags: Access, Africa, Needs

If people want to get into leadership through corrupt practices, through corrupt means, I think that's detestable; we have to take action.

Tags: Action, Leadership, Means

If somebody gives you his money, definitely he will be interested in knowing how you spend the money.

Tags: Knowing, Money, Somebody

The presidency is not an office job.

Tags: Job, Office, Presidency

There were times when there were riots in Africa, demonstrations against the IMF because of the policy advice they were giving, the conditionalities they were imposing, and the difficulties that arose out of the implementation of those conditionalities.

Tags: Advice, Against, Giving
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Jakaya Kikwete's quote #2
Jakaya Kikwete's quote #2
Jakaya Kikwete's quote #2
Jakaya Kikwete's quote #2
Jakaya Kikwete's quote #2
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