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I would love to go and live in the mountains... and make jam.

Tags: Love, Mountains  ✍ Author: Eve Best

We would play, then they would play a set, then we would jam on the last song.

Tags: Last, Song  ✍ Author: Charlie Byrd

It's the faster bands that made me want to play guitar, bands like The Jam.

Tags: Bands, Guitar  ✍ Author: Graham Coxon

There's probably a bunch of Power Stripe floating through the Def Jam offices right now.

Tags: Floating, Power  ✍ Author: Method Man

I don't need all that much - I just need to know who my characters are and what kind of jam they're going to get into, and I'll write myself out of their jam.

Tags: Characters, Write  ✍ Author: Richard Price

The Law of Raspberry Jam: the wider any culture is spread, the thinner it gets.

Tags: Culture, Law  ✍ Author: Alvin Toffler

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