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James G. Frazer's Quotes

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Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Scientist
Nation: Scottish
Biography of James G. Frazer

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The second principle of magic: things which have once been in contact with each other continue to act on each other at a distance after the physical contact has been severed.

Tags: Act, After, Once

The moral world is as little exempt as the physical world from the law of ceaseless change, of perpetual flux.

Tags: Change, Law, Moral

By religion, then, I understand a propitiation or conciliation of powers superior to man which are believed to direct and control the course of nature and of human life.

Tags: Life, Nature, Religion

Even the recognition of an individual whom we see every day is only possible as the result of an abstract idea of him formed by generalization from his appearances in the past.

Tags: Him, Idea, Past

The man of science, like the man of letters, is too apt to view mankind only in the abstract, selecting in his consideration only a single side of our complex and many-sided being.

Tags: Science, Single, View
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James G. Frazer's quote #2
James G. Frazer's quote #2
James G. Frazer's quote #2
James G. Frazer's quote #2
James G. Frazer's quote #2
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