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Jane Kaczmarek's Quotes

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Born: 1955-12-21
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Jane Kaczmarek

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I think it's a pretty good day if I can get through it without lifting a finger.

Tags: Finger, Good, Pretty

For me, there's a big difference between having a baby in your 20s and having a baby in your 40s.

Tags: Baby, Between, Big

When I think of all the years in my 30s when I starved myself... but when I got the role of Lois, I stopped thinking about my looks and was just myself.

Tags: Looks, Role, Thinking

Awards shows are my greatest inducement to get back into shape.

Tags: Awards, Greatest, Shows

Croquet is tough. People play for months because the rules are so bizarre. Those crazy English.

Tags: Crazy, Rules, Tough

I grew up playing in an alley on the south side of Milwaukee.

Tags: Playing, Side, South

Student teaching is the hardest job there is.

Tags: Job, Student, Teaching

Tennis lets you talk while you're playing.

Tags: Playing, Talk, While

We did talk about cheese on our first date.

Tags: Cheese, Date, Talk

Well, I love having kids. But I have the advantage of having a lot of help, a real hands-on husband and small children whom I can easily manipulate.

Tags: Children, Husband, Love

One of the greatest joys of tennis is having a nice volley and not really keeping score, not really looking at the lines, but just catching up with each other.

Tags: Greatest, Looking, Nice
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