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Jodi Sweetin's Quotes

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Born: 1982-01-19
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Jodi Sweetin

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Of course, I have the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy, like crying jags for no reason and then the next day I can't even remember what I was crying about!

Tags: Emotional, Reason, Remember

Growing up in the business you have to grow up very fast - you do have a different type of childhood, that has its benefits and it has its drawbacks.

Tags: Business, Grow, Growing

High school is just horrible in general. So, I think it was a good time for me to have stopped acting. I got to be normal in high school.

Tags: Good, School, Time

I don't have any desire to ever act again full time.

Tags: Again, Desire, Time

I don't mind doing occasional guest appearances on shows, but I have other things I'd like to do in my life now.

Tags: Life, Mind, Shows

I was living a complete lie. But unfortunately, guilt doesn't make you stop.

Tags: Lie, Living, Stop

It is kind of hard to figure out who you are when you've lost your job at age 13, when that was basically how you identified yourself.

Tags: Age, Job, Yourself

The interesting part is that most of the kids I speak to have grown up watching 'Full House,' so they feel like they know me and can talk to me.

Tags: Kids, Speak, Talk

There is a certain sense of loss when a series ends.

Tags: Ends, Loss, Sense

I actually never auditioned for 'Full House.' I had done a guest appearance on 'Valerie' as the next door neighbor's niece, and from that I got into 'Full House.' I was only five years old, and I was on the show until I was 13.

Tags: Done, Old, Show

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