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Joe Wright's Quotes

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Born: 1972-08-25
Profession: Director
Nation: English
Biography of Joe Wright

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Fairy tales to me are never happy, sweet stories. They're moral stories about overcoming the dark side and the bad.

Tags: Bad, Dark, Happy

I couldn't be a cameraman or a designer or an actor - I have to be a director because I learned how to do that from my dad.

Tags: Actor, Dad, Learned

An artist needs to live to create, and to live means to suffer.

Tags: Artist, Create, Means

Every time I make a film, I feel it gives me the chance to learn something new.

Tags: Chance, Learn, Time

Generally, I've never known quite how to fit in in civilian life, but on set, making a film, I know exactly where to go, how to behave and how I fit.

Tags: Film, Life, Making

I don't make a division between an art film and commercial art.

Tags: Art, Between, Film

I feel more in touch with the world when I'm filming.

Tags: Filming, Touch

I find it ironic that happy endings now are called fairytale endings because there's nothing happy about most fairytale endings.

Tags: Endings, Happy, Ironic

I like the idea of doing something outside my comfort zone.

Tags: Comfort, Idea, Outside

I see the job of directing as being one of creating the right atmosphere, creating an environment where people can realize their full potential.

Tags: Full, Job, Realize

I wouldn't presume to know something, but I have lots to learn and that's what I attempt to do through my work.

Tags: Learn, Lots, Work

I've been lucky over the past few years. Things have just happened for me.

Tags: Few, Lucky, Past

My father was 65 when I was born so we didn't have much time together.

Tags: Father, Time, Together

I think my dyslexia was a vital part of my development because my inability to read and write meant that I had to find knowledge elsewhere so I looked to the cinema.

Tags: Knowledge, Read, Write

Most of my choices come about through some kind of intuition or instinct, and if I need to, I'll post-rationalize them, intellectually, afterwards. But generally, they come about just by feeling.

Tags: Choices, Feeling, Intuition

'Pride' is my first film with a happy ending. Before, I naively thought they were a cop-out, but now I've come to believe that happy endings and wish fulfilment are an incredibly important part of our cultural life.

Tags: Happy, Life, Thought

There's good art and there's bad art. A lot of action films are bad art, but Paul Greengrass showed us with the Bourne films that it's possible to make an action film with a political, social conscience.

Tags: Art, Bad, Good
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