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John Clare's Quotes

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Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Poet
Nation: English
Biography of John Clare

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The best way to avoid a bad action is by doing a good one, for there is no difficulty in the world like that of trying to do nothing.

Tags: Bad, Best, Good

If life had a second edition, how I would correct the proofs.

Tags: Correct, Life, Second

And all the charms of face or voice Which I in others see, Are but the recollected choice Of what I feel for thee.

Tags: Choice, Face, Others

He could not die when trees were green, for he loved the time too well.

Tags: Die, Loved, Time

I am gennerally understood tho I do not use that awkward squad of pointings called commas colons semicolons etc.

Tags: Awkward, Commas, Understood

I am, as far as my politics reaches, 'King and Country' - no 'Innovations in Religion and Government' say I.

Tags: Government, Politics, Religion

I had a variety of minds about me and all of them unsettled.

Tags: Minds, Unsettled, Variety

I'm John Clare now. I was Byron and Shakespeare formerly.

Tags: Byron, John

My fears are agitated to an extreme degree and the dread of death involves me in a stupor of chilling indisposition.

Tags: Death, Degree, Extreme

Still, I have been no one's enemy but my own. My easy nature, either in drinking or anything else, was always ready to submit to persuasions of profligate companions, who often led me into snares.

Tags: Else, Enemy, Nature
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