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Joseph A. Schumpeter's Quotes

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Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Economist
Nation: American
Biography of Joseph A. Schumpeter

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Bureaucracy is not an obstacle to democracy but an inevitable complement to it.

Tags: Democracy, Inevitable, Obstacle

Entrepreneurial profit is the expression of the value of what the entrepreneur contributes to production.

Tags: Expression, Production, Value

Our poverty will be brought home to us to its full extent only after the war.

Tags: After, Home, War

Capitalism inevitably and by virtue of the very logic of its civilization creates, educates and subsidizes a vested interest in social unrest.

Tags: Interest, Logic, Social

Marxism is essentially a product of the bourgeois mind.

Tags: Bourgeois, Marxism, Mind

The ballot is stronger than bullets.

Tags: Ballot, Bullets, Stronger

Democracy is a political method, that is to say, a certain type of institutional arrangement for arriving at political - legislative and administrative - decisions and hence incapable of being an end in itself.

Tags: Democracy, End, Political

For the duration of its collective life, or the time during which its identity may be assumed, each class resembles a hotel or an omnibus, always full, but always of different people.

Tags: Life, May, Time

Economic progress, in capitalist society, means turmoil.

Tags: Means, Progress, Society
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Joseph A. Schumpeter's quote #4
Joseph A. Schumpeter's quote #4
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