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Julie Christie's Quotes

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Born: 1941-04-14
Profession: Actress
Nation: British
Biography of Julie Christie

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I started noticing how stained the pavements are in London. The pavements in Beverly Hills aren't used; in London, they're used for everything. It doesn't matter how much they're cleaned, they still reflect light.

Tags: Light, Matter, Used

I'm not in the advertising business, but I think it would be very nice if people went to see the film Hamlet, because it was made with love and integrity.

Tags: Business, Love, Nice

Most of the time I spent in America, I was having a love affair with some American or other. I was just passing through but stayed because of these chaps.

Tags: America, Love, Time

The little things that made up the fabric of the first six years of my life were suddenly ripped away, and I didn't have anyone around me who loved me. Not one single person.

Tags: Away, Life, Single

When I came back to Britain, I realized that I was no longer a very young woman. I had to meet my new consciousness, my new age, with roles that reflected it somewhat.

Tags: Age, Woman, Young

Men don't want any responsibility, and neither do I.

Tags: Men, Neither

I'd never been content in America.

Tags: America, Content

I never will have peace of mind. I'm not constructed that way. Some things in life can be horrible.

Tags: Life, Mind, Peace

Happiness is the absence of suffering. I think it's an interesting way of looking at it. I think the absence of suffering exists very rarely in the world we live in.

Tags: Happiness, Looking, Suffering

I think I've got something when I'm onscreen, but that's nothing to do with acting or talent.

Tags: Acting, Talent

I was born with a need to be the center of attention, and, of course, you're the center of the world when you're acting.

Tags: Acting, Attention, Born

Altman works in such an interesting way, letting things occur in the film even if he didn't particularly plan them.

Tags: Film, Plan, Works

As I became very defined in my personal politics, I turned down some films that I slightly regret now; I'm not going to say what they were.

Tags: Personal, Politics, Regret

Children can only take so much, and they deal with it however they can.

Tags: Children, Deal, However

Early on, I found the attention completely embarrassing. I'd cringe if I saw my picture on the cover of a magazine.

Tags: Attention, Found, Picture

I basically put myself into directors' hands and let them tell me what to do, and the more they told me what to do, the more I liked it.

Tags: Hands, Put, Tell

I did things like Shampoo and Heaven Can Wait. I don't know what those films were about. The women I played in them were not very empowered.

Tags: Heaven, Wait, Women

I regret that I wasn't the kind of person who could enjoy celebrity. It embarrassed me too much.

Tags: Celebrity, Enjoy, Regret

I see stardom very clearly as a construct that's been created in order to sell things.

Tags: Clearly, Order, Sell

I was utilized because I have a certain face that works well in cinema, and I'm used to making myself look as good as possible.

Tags: Good, Making, Used
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I've never quite understood why people marry; marriage is just an invented structure.

Tags: Marriage, Quite, Why

It takes me time to realize things; I'm a speedy person but a slow thinker.

Tags: Realize, Takes, Time

It's quite hard for me being an actress because I actually don't like attention.

Tags: Actually, Attention, Hard

Living in America, I became aware of many issues and went through a period of politicization.

Tags: America, Issues, Living

My family said that I wanted to act even when I was a child living on a tea plantation in the jungle in India.

Tags: Family, Living, Said

Some people enjoy celebrity. I admire those who do, because if you're going to go through it, you might as well enjoy it.

Tags: Admire, Enjoy, Might

The status quo and the media is doing everything it can to fry children's brains and make them grow up maladjusted.

Tags: Children, Grow, Media

There were some films I refused because the feminist aspect was a bit wonky.

Tags: Bit, Feminist, Films

I don't think I would have been a good mother. Being a parent brings immense responsibility. It's a Herculean task. It would be almost too much for me.

Tags: Almost, Good, Mother

I remember becoming aware of women's issues and inequality. It became glaringly clear to me when I was living in America that women are regarded as less intelligent than men.

Tags: Men, Remember, Women
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