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Kathleen Edwards's Quotes

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Born: 1978-07-11
Profession: Musician
Nation: Canadian
Biography of Kathleen Edwards

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I didn't want to be this four-chord acoustic singer songwriter because that stuff just got so old to me.

Tags: Old, Singer, Stuff

I know I'm not the 'Indie It Girl' and I'll never have a big breakout, big runaway success. And that's okay.

Tags: Big, Girl, Success

I really get that some people like the roots-rock, storytelling thing that I was doing, and I'm proud of that.

Tags: Proud

I was being categorized as some kind of twangy songwriter. And that's just not how I see myself.

Tags: Songwriter

There aren't always answers for the questions you're looking for, so I have to make peace with that sometimes.

Tags: Looking, Peace, Sometimes

Co-writing is a very unnatural feeling. It's like wanting to document a feeling that you have and then trying to get someone else to describe it for you.

Tags: Feeling, Someone, Trying

I find motion, literally, is where ideas come from. It's almost like a built-in rhythm section. The contents of the songs are about change, and a lot of that stuff happens when you're on tour, and you wake up and you're in a different place and you start thinking about where you're going and where you've been.

Tags: Change, Place, Thinking

I really love music that's on the periphery of not fitting into a clear genre. I felt like I was constantly being described as something I didn't really feel like I identified with.

Tags: Felt, Love, Music

I'm a huge fan of a lot of different genres of music, and I really felt like somehow I had been pigeonholed a little bit - maybe of my own doing - and in a way where I felt like I was sort of falsely defined. What my music was being called wasn't really the music I was always listening to.

Tags: Felt, Maybe, Music

People are really set in their ways in how they produce records, and I was at least open enough to where I knew I wanted to do something totally different.

Tags: Enough, Knew, Wanted

There's nothing more confirming in your life than looking in front of you and seeing some really amazing people who you care a lot about who care a lot about you.

Tags: Amazing, Care, Life

You're reluctant to give too much away when you're going to put it out there for other people. It's harder writing your truest fears and loves and guilts, because you're not sure when you're writing the right story.

Tags: Give, Put, Writing
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Kathleen Edwards's quote #6
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