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Kathleen Wynne's Quotes

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Born: 1953-05-21
Profession: Politician
Nation: Canadian
Biography of Kathleen Wynne

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I came to politics later in life so I bring a different life experience to it.

Tags: Experience, Life, Politics

I have no intention of disowning my record as a member of the McGuinty government.

Tags: Government, Intention, Member

I think there's not much patience for organized labour, period, public or private sector.

Tags: Patience, Private, Public

I'm committed to working with teachers.

Tags: Committed, Teachers, Working

I've been driving since I was 19 years old.

Tags: Driving, Old, Since

In the same way we have a long-term plan for building roads, we have to have a long term plan to build transit.

Tags: Build, Building, Plan

My plan is to govern as long as I can.

Tags: Govern, Plan

People need to see where their dollars are going and what infrastructure is being built.

Tags: Built, Dollars

Social justice is what drives me; it's why I'm here.

Tags: Here, Justice, Why

There is a temptation in politics to look for simplistic slogans and to play the game in a way that looks like you're a savvy politician.

Tags: Game, Politics, Temptation

I do not believe that the people of Ontario judge their leaders on the basis of race, sexual orientation, colour or religion. I don't believe they hold that prejudice in their hearts.

Tags: Judge, Leaders, Religion

In every election homophobia has been part of the landscape and in every campaign I've been able to become connected enough to my constituents that they know who I am and that I can be elected on my merits.

Tags: Able, Become, Enough

One of the really positive things about minority government is that there is the necessity to broker policy positions. What happens is you get a hybrid of what a single party might do. And I don't think that is a bad thing.

Tags: Bad, Government, Positive

Ontarians don't want to believe that they are small people. They want to believe that they're open and that they're inclusive - and I believe that they are.

Tags: Inclusive, Open, Small
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