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Labour Party Quotes

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In 1925, when Britain went back to the gold standard, that was supported by the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the Bank of England, the civil service, the CBI, the TUC, the Times, the Economist; that consensus was very strong.

Tags: Service, Strong, Times  ✍ Author: Ed Balls

You can't win with some people. If you're not in government, you're criticised for being not serious. If you are in government, you're criticised for wanting power. That's the Labour party's line of attack, and it's a bit ridiculous.

Tags: Government, Power, Win  ✍ Author: Vince Cable

What I've said in the past is that I want the Labour Party to approach this matter on the basis of unity.

Tags: Matter, Past, Said  ✍ Author: Ron Davies

And, I hope now that everybody understands that the Labour Party - as it always has done - stands for free speech and individual Members of the Labour Party are entitled to exercise that free speech.

Tags: Done, Free, Hope  ✍ Author: Ron Davies

First of all it has never been the case that I have threatened people with expulsion or that I've threatened to throw people out of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Tags: Labour, Party, Throw  ✍ Author: Ron Davies

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Labour Party quote #2
Labour Party quote #2
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