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Ladies Quotes

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Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio - he be soo gorgeous, no wonder all the ladies flockin' to him - He be Gatsby.

Tags: Him, Wonder  ✍ Author: Amitabh Bachchan

The ladies looked one another over with microscopic carelessness.

Tags: Another, Looked  ✍ Author: Arthur Baer

Tampa's crazy... The ladies in Tampa come in all flavors. I felt like I was at Dairy Queen.

Tags: Crazy, Felt  ✍ Author: Luther Campbell

I would just like to say something, ladies and gentlemen. Something that I think is very important. It is that, you, we - we own this country. We - we own it. It is not you owning it, and not politicians owning it. Politicians are employees of ours.

Tags: Country, Employees  ✍ Author: Clint Eastwood

I like music and I like ladies. I like to see them dance.

Tags: Dance, Music  ✍ Author: Joe Namath

Ladies be seated, the party has only begun.

Tags: Begun, Party  ✍ Author: Johnny Olson

Ladies be seated, a laugh doesn't cost you a dime.

Tags: Cost, Laugh  ✍ Author: Johnny Olson

Ladies be seated, and let's have a wonderful time!

Tags: Time, Wonderful  ✍ Author: Johnny Olson

I'd wear clogs, short pants and ladies' bracelets. I created this aura for myself.

Tags: Short, Wear  ✍ Author: Aidan Quinn

Ladies seem very intrigued by a guy who is ultra confident and acts like he doesn't need you.

Tags: Guy, Seem  ✍ Author: Jorma Taccone

First Ladies have always been held like specimens under a media microscope.

Tags: Held, Media  ✍ Author: Andre Leon Talley

Ghosts, like ladies, never speak till spoke to.

Tags: Ghosts, Speak  ✍ Author: Richard Harris Barham

I never get involved with the ladies I work with.

Tags: Involved, Work  ✍ Author: Dirk Benedict

Dressing up as decrepit old ladies, and even decrepit young ladies, was one of our staples.

Tags: Old, Young  ✍ Author: Graham Chapman

Parvesh Cheena is a real treat for the ladies.

Tags: Real, Treat  ✍ Author: Parvesh Cheena

I am no longer married, so ladies... there you go.

Tags: Longer, Married  ✍ Author: Tre Cool

Ladies and Gentleman, the Bronx is burning.

Tags: Burning, Gentleman  ✍ Author: Howard Cosell

I like all ladies of all different ages.

Tags: Ages  ✍ Author: Louis C. K.

First of all, ladies and gentlemen, you must forget that you are singers.

Tags: Forget, Gentlemen  ✍ Author: Claude Debussy

Presidents often disappoint, but first ladies rarely do.

Tags: Often, Rarely  ✍ Author: Kitty Kelley

Not only did I get an A in music but I got an A in ladies.

Tags: Music  ✍ Author: R. Kelly

Ladies and gentlemen, communism didn't fall. It was pushed.

Tags: Communism, Fall  ✍ Author: Jack Kemp

I think that tennis is a lady's sport, so we should look out there like ladies.

Tags: Lady, Tennis  ✍ Author: Anna Kournikova

A lot of directors idealize their leading ladies or turn them into these objects of sexuality and beauty.

Tags: Beauty, Turn  ✍ Author: Diane Kruger

Obama had the audacity to say, 'I have unequivocally prohibited the use of torture by the United States.' Ladies and gentlemen, torture in the United States has always been illegal.

Tags: Torture, United  ✍ Author: Rush Limbaugh
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Ladies, I'll let you in on a lil secret: guys don't notice your nails.

Tags: Guys, Secret  ✍ Author: Beau Mirchoff

It's about ladies, as usual. I'm telling the ladies I got the right temperature to keep them warm.

Tags: Keep, Warm  ✍ Author: Sean Paul

New York ladies all look immaculate.

Tags: Immaculate, York  ✍ Author: Zac Posen

The ladies love me and I love the ladies!

Tags: Love  ✍ Author: Mickey Rourke

I take a lot of ladies' vitamins, because I never buy my own and that's what's in the house. More iron.

Tags: House, Iron  ✍ Author: Akiva Schaffer

We all know what happens to first ladies who shoot their mouths off.

Tags: Happens, Off  ✍ Author: Maria Shriver

I have seen many ladies displaying different styles and different styles displaying ladies.

Tags: Seen, Styles  ✍ Author: Navjot Singh Sidhu

I wanted to dress cool, and get all the ladies.

Tags: Cool, Wanted  ✍ Author: John Singleton

B is for Breasts Of which ladies have two; Once prized for the function, Now for the view.

Tags: Once, View  ✍ Author: Robert Paul Smith

There will always be ladies who lunch. Always. And apparently they live a long time.

Tags: Lunch, Time  ✍ Author: Elaine Stritch

Ladies, just a little more virginity, if you don't mind.

Tags: Mind, Virginity  ✍ Author: Herbert Beerbohm Tree

I sat through Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones like three times at the Skyway when it came out.

Tags: Three, Times  ✍ Author: Paul Westerberg

Most of our ancestors were not perfect ladies and gentlemen. The majority of them weren't even mammals.

Tags: Majority, Perfect  ✍ Author: Robert Anton Wilson

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