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Lana Parrilla's Quotes

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Born: 1977-07-15
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Lana Parrilla

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I'm not one to take revenge. If someone does something wrong to me I leave it in the hands of the universe to take care of that person.

Tags: Care, Revenge, Someone

I love horror, I love scary movies, I love thrillers. If things creep you out and spook you? I love it.

Tags: Horror, Love, Movies

I do watch 'Revenge,' 'American Horror Story' and 'Game of Thrones.' I am behind on all of them. But I do watch them. Those are my go-to shows.

Tags: American, Game, Revenge

I never liked apples. In fact, when I was a little girl, my mom wanted to give me apples in my lunch box and I would ask for green peppers. So bizarre... It's funny - I don't have an apple a day, but I can say that I have a few a week.

Tags: Funny, Girl, Mom

Every little girl wanted to be Natalie Wood, as did I.

Tags: Girl, Wanted, Wood

I am very, very diligent and extremely hard-working.

Tags: Diligent, Extremely

I like being scared, so I've always liked fairy tales because they're kind of creepy.

Tags: Fairy, Liked, Scared

I loved 'White Christmas' for the music aspect. I was into musical theater.

Tags: Loved, Music

I played lots of fantasy games. I would create these worlds, and I would believe in them.

Tags: Create, Games, Played

I used to be more of a sporty girl. I love outdoor activities. I haven't been doing much since living in Vancouver. I have my routines down in L.A.

Tags: Girl, Living, Love

To be vulnerable, to be raw, to virtually expose your guts, I like doing that.

Tags: Guts, Raw, Vulnerable

When I look back on my career, I go, 'This is really great, I've played so many different women.'

Tags: Career, Great, Women

When the script for 'Once' came my way, I had the thought that maybe it will last only a season. But I was willing to take that risk.

Tags: Last, Once, Thought

At 3 years old, I was imitating and doing fun little commercials for the family. Then at 5, I knew, 'OK, this is something I really like.' At 8, I was crying in front of the mirror and my mom was like, 'Oh boy, here we go. We know what she's going to do.'

Tags: Family, Fun, Mom

Children, a lot of times, can't make their parents wrong because they have to live with them, because they have to love them. And when you're young, you can't get on your Big Wheel and go down to the Best Western. You've got to live there and you've got to figure it out.

Tags: Best, Children, Love

I actually study boxing - my dad was a Golden Gloves champion so I learned how to fight at a very young age. Growing up in Brooklyn you always had to watch your back, so I pretty much learned to protect myself.

Tags: Age, Dad, Fight

I have a lot of LGBT friends and family members and I've always supported the community, not only as a child but as an adult, and I think it's important to voice that.

Tags: Child, Family, Friends

No real fairytale scared me, but Freddy Krueger did. 'Nightmare on Elm Street' scared the living hell out of me, but no fairytale. Maybe 'Hansel and Gretel' a little bit when they were walking through the forest and they met the witch. But I liked being scared, I really enjoy being scared.

Tags: Enjoy, Living, Real

On 'Swingtown,' I think that's when I was able to blend the character-slash-leading lady roles, and that's what I'm doing on 'Once Upon a Time' as well. She's a leading lady, but she's also this character.

Tags: Able, Character, Time
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