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Laureate Quotes

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The poet laureate of England talked about murdering Jews on the West Bank.

Tags: Bank, England, Poet  ✍ Author: Phil Katz

In many ways, when you're a Nobel peace laureate, you have an obligation to humankind, to society.

Tags: Peace, Society, Ways  ✍ Author: Desmond Tutu

It is disappointing and embarrassing to the science profession that some Nobel Laureates would deliberately use their well deserved scientific reputations and hold themselves out as experts in other fields.

Tags: Science, Scientific, Themselves  ✍ Author: Alec Douglas-Home

It's the combination of the intimate and the public that I find so exciting about being poet laureate.

Tags: Exciting, Poet, Public  ✍ Author: Rita Dove

I was appointed Poet Laureate. It came totally out of the blue because most Poet Laureates had been considerably older than I. It was not something that I even had begun to dream about!

Tags: Dream, Older, Poet  ✍ Author: Rita Dove

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Laureate quote #2
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