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Laurent Jalabert's Quotes

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Born: 1968-11-30
Profession: Athlete
Nation: French
Biography of Laurent Jalabert

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I'm very aware that to reach the same level and have the same amount of success will be extremely difficult.

Tags: Difficult, Level, Success

We certainly will prepare consciously and professionally, but still you cannot predict the future.

Tags: Cannot, Future, Prepare

Also, for a team as strong as like ours, the Tour will always remain the biggest goal of the whole year, and personally I will certainly concentrate most of my energy on this race.

Tags: Energy, Goal, Strong

Especially with the signing of riders with climbing abilities and the new arrival of Tyler Hamilton, who has the strength and ability to become a great leader for the big tours. All in all, I feel this is a very complete team.

Tags: Great, Leader, Strength

I never thought we'd catch him, and when I saw he was ready to drop I felt sorry for him. I wanted to show it's not true I'm trying to win it all. My goal is the Tour of Spain.

Tags: Him, Sorry, True

It's true that this year, following my accident in the pre-season, I kind of lost morale and I felt like quitting at the end of this year. But today I can say that I want to be a professional bike rider in the year 2003 as well.

Tags: End, Today, True

Of course, if this season turns out to be terrible for me - if I get injured again and this prevents me from reaching a satisfying level, then I could change my decision again. But at this moment, it absolutely feels like the right thing for me to continue through 2003.

Tags: Change, Decision, Moment
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Laurent Jalabert's quote #3
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