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Leland Chapman's Quotes

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Born: 1976-12-14
Profession: Celebrity
Nation: American
Biography of Leland Chapman

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Tombstones don't talk back.

Tags: Talk

Grudge no expense - yield to no opposition - forget fatigue - till, by the strength of prayer and sacrifice, the spirit of love shall have overcome .

Tags: Forget, Love, Strength

Slavery can only be abolished by raising the character of the people who compose the nation; and that can be done only by showing them a higher one.

Tags: Character, Done, Nation

We may draw good out of evil; we must not do evil, that good may come.

Tags: Evil, Good, May

Let us rise in the moral power of womanhood; and give utterance to the voice of outraged mercy, and insulted justice, and eternal truth, and mighty love and holy freedom.

Tags: Love, Power, Truth
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Leland Chapman's quote #2
Leland Chapman's quote #2
Leland Chapman's quote #2
Leland Chapman's quote #2
Leland Chapman's quote #2
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