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Len Cariou's Quotes

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Born: 1939-09-30
Profession: Actor
Nation: Canadian
Biography of Len Cariou

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For my first acting job I played the role of Ensign Pulver in 'Mr. Roberts' at the Manitoba Theatre Centre.

Tags: Acting, Job, Theatre

I didn't have to do paper routes. I'd sing for 5 bucks a crack at weddings and church functions; I'd have four or five on some Saturdays.

Tags: Church, Four, Sing

I grew up in Winnipeg, in the Canadian midwest, the fifth child. It was a great household to grow up in - I was loved to sweet death.

Tags: Child, Death, Great

I like to keep busy.

Tags: Busy, Keep

I pursued a theatre career, and Hollywood came calling.

Tags: Career, Hollywood, Theatre

I was a boy soprano. I had a natural kind of voice and then trained it after my voice changed.

Tags: After, Natural, Voice

I was an actor for over a year before I ever saw a play.

Tags: Actor, Year

It's a joy to work where I live, and come home and sleep in my own bed.

Tags: Home, Sleep, Work

My mother - the Irish side of the family - was very musical. My mother was a singer; there was music around the house all the time.

Tags: Family, Music, Time

My mother was a singer, and both of her sisters were singers. There was always music around.

Tags: Her, Mother, Music
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