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I've had too lengthy a career and coached too many players to make a choice.

Tags: Career, Choice, Players  ✍ Author: Chuck Daly

When I speak of 'cycles,' I am referring to lengthy intervals of relative homogeneity, if not in the resolving of problems, than at least with respect to the consistency of their capacity to productively irritate.

Tags: Problems, Respect, Speak  ✍ Author: Brian Ferneyhough

Whatever universe a professor believes in must at any rate be a universe that lends itself to lengthy discourse. A universe definable in two sentences is something for which the professorial intellect has no use. No faith in anything of that cheap kind!

Tags: Faith, Universe, Whatever  ✍ Author: William James

The first recipe for happiness is: avoid too lengthy meditation on the past.

Tags: Avoid, Happiness, Past  ✍ Author: Andre Maurois

I'm never offered any sort of roles. I need to audition in a typically lengthy process to receive roles.

Tags: Audition, Process, Receive  ✍ Author: Dylan O\'Brien

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