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I think every actor has their list of roles that were near misses. I've had my share.

Tags: Actor, Share  ✍ Author: Michael Eklund

I keep a list of everyone I've ever met.

Tags: Everyone, Keep  ✍ Author: Nicholas Jarecki

In all planing you make a list and you set priorities.

Tags: Priorities  ✍ Author: Veronica Lake

I have a list a mile long of faults that sometimes bring me to my knees in self-hatred.

Tags: Bring, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Frank Langella

I'm on the very blackest part of the black list.

Tags: Black, Blackest  ✍ Author: Bruce Nauman

I've never been able to say I've been influenced by a list of artists I like because I like thousands and thousands and I've been influenced in some way by all of them.

Tags: Able, Artists  ✍ Author: Jack Nicholson

A lot of us think we're invincible... but we have to start putting ourselves on the to-do list.

Tags: Ourselves, Start  ✍ Author: Giuliana Rancic

The list of non-democratic regimes that have seen significant reforms since 2001 is long and significant.

Tags: Seen, Since  ✍ Author: Ginny Brown-Waite

I got a chain letter by fax. It's very simple. You just fax a dollar bill to everybody on the list.

Tags: Everybody, Simple  ✍ Author: Steven Wright

My list of things I never pictured myself saying when I pictured myself as a parent has grown over the years.

Tags: Parent, Saying  ✍ Author: Tomas Berdych

I'm fully confident that I will win the jackpot - so much so that I've already made a list of all the charities I will contribute to.

Tags: Confident, Win  ✍ Author: Shelley Berkley

For years I've kept a list of dream projects.

Tags: Dream, Kept  ✍ Author: Michael Bolton

John Kerry can be absolutely ruthless. I would not want to be on his enemies list when he's ready to go after you.

Tags: After, Ready  ✍ Author: Douglas Brinkley

My to-do list is so long that it doesn't have an end; it has an event horizon.

Tags: End, Event  ✍ Author: Dave Brubeck

Make a written list of everything you love.

Tags: Love, Written  ✍ Author: Rhonda Byrne

I have considered the pension list of the republic a roll of honor.

Tags: Honor, Republic  ✍ Author: Grover Cleveland

I'm wearing a garbage bag. I was put on my own worst-dressed list.

Tags: Garbage, Put  ✍ Author: Steven Cojocaru

I really, really want to produce. That's the top of my to-do list.

Tags: Produce, Top  ✍ Author: Lauren Conrad

I wrote a script with my brother which ended up, somehow, on the Black List in 2008.

Tags: Black, Brother  ✍ Author: Kat Dennings

Even for an area I know well, I prepare a shooting list of subjects I need.

Tags: Area, Prepare  ✍ Author: Nigel Dennis

I'm on every worst-dressed list imaginable.

Tags: Imaginable  ✍ Author: Kathy Griffin

In reference to Cat Stevens, it is very, very important we have accurate information on our terrorist watch list and our no fly list and that you have a remedy.

Tags: Fly, Watch  ✍ Author: Asa Hutchinson

I'm not a list person.

 ✍ Author: Joan Jett

I'm an impulse buyer. I don't really go out with a list.

Tags: Buyer, Impulse  ✍ Author: Sophie Kinsella

A list is only as strong as its weakest link.

Tags: Link, Strong  ✍ Author: Donald Knuth

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Not a lot of conservatives on this list. Are more liberals than conservatives screwing up America?

Tags: America, Liberals  ✍ Author: Matt Lauer

There are certain people that are marked for death. I have my little list of those that treated me unfairly.

Tags: Death, Treated  ✍ Author: Jennifer Lopez

I'm not invited. I'm not on the A list, haven't been on it in 20 years and my feet have never trod its red fluffy carpets.

Tags: Feet, Red  ✍ Author: Nick Mancuso

The list of companies that have added their own financial metrics is not a savory group.

Tags: Financial, Group  ✍ Author: James Maslow

Some people get their books on the best-seller list and then they count the number of weeks, and I just never want to live that way.

Tags: Books, Number  ✍ Author: Lorrie Moore

Going to the gym wouldn't be on my list of favorite things to do.

Tags: Favorite, Gym  ✍ Author: Kate Moss

I think I was probably an early teenager when I discovered Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey and a bunch of people that are on a long list of artists. They were important to me, especially as an early adolescent.

Tags: Artists, Early  ✍ Author: Roger Peyrefitte

It's on my bucket list, to get in a real fight.

Tags: Fight, Real  ✍ Author: Naya Rivera

Know the official post office abbreviations for all 50 states without having to consult a list.

Tags: Office, Post  ✍ Author: Marilyn vos Savant

Back when George W. Bush was identifying his Axis of Evil, it struck me that a longer and more instructive list could be compiled of the Axis of the Humiliated (or Insulted and Injured, to borrow from Dostoevsky).

Tags: Evil, Longer  ✍ Author: Max Schmeling

Like, I took no poetic license with 'Schindler's List' because that was historical, factual documents.

Tags: Historical, Took  ✍ Author: Steven Spielberg

Our profession is very much like going to a cocktail party, you check out the guest list.

Tags: Party, Profession  ✍ Author: Robert Stack

Gene sometimes... well, he has his dream list.

Tags: Dream, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Paul Stanley

NASA has spin-offs, and it's a huge and very impressive list, including accurate and affordable LASIK eye surgery.

Tags: Eye, Impressive  ✍ Author: Neil deGrasse Tyson

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