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Marc Ribot's Quotes

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Born: 1954-05-21
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Marc Ribot

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Good is the director who lets you do what you have to do.

Tags: Director, Good, Lets

I hate nostalgia, I want nothing to do with it.

Tags: Hate, Nostalgia

Jazz is a music of great achievements but speed and chops serve a different function in jazz.

Tags: Great, Jazz, Music

Modern instruments were designed to throw sound all in one direction.

Tags: Direction, Modern, Sound

I claimed identity as Jewish musicians for political reasons, because most of us were touring in Germany and, at this time, twelve years ago, there was a strong resurgence of Nazism in the places we were touring and part of that was on the music scene.

Tags: Music, Strong, Time

I'm not a really good classical guitarist by any means, but what I learned from this is a way of working very slowly on solo pieces and I enjoyed working on these pieces of John's. They were not written for solo guitar but a lot of them were easy to adapt.

Tags: Good, Guitar, Working

Influence, people think about it as someone you like but influence is also what you're revolted by. In fact, often it's what you're running away from.

Tags: Away, Fact, Someone
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Marc Ribot's quote #3
Marc Ribot's quote #3
Marc Ribot's quote #3
Marc Ribot's quote #3
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