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Marcia Cross's Quotes

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Born: 1962-03-25
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Marcia Cross

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I've been working so hard for the past eight years and I'm tired - but I'm also deliciously tired because what a wonderful life I've lived.

Tags: Life, Past, Tired

I don't want to lose my fitness. I'm 45. I have two babies. I've got a long way to go and I want to keep in tiptop shape. There's no magic bullet.

Tags: Fitness, Keep, Lose

I've had the time to go through all the life phases with my parents, from being a bratty teenager, pushing them away, to saying later on, 'Oh my God, I can't believe what you did for me - thank you. I love you so much.'

Tags: Life, Love, Time

I couldn't do an acting job just to be working. It really had to have some soul to it.

Tags: Job, Soul, Working

I have always wanted to know what's going on under the surface.

Tags: Surface, Wanted

I have good genes in my family, so we'll see just how long I'll be around.

Tags: Family, Genes, Good

I really have to force myself to tidy up around the house.

Tags: Force, House, Tidy

I really love and it is important to me to be physically fit.

Tags: Fit, Love, Physically

I would ask my dad what he did, and he'd say, 'I listen to people's problems.' In some way what he did for a living is in my genes.

Tags: Dad, Living, Problems

I'd like to be a wife and mother. I guess I'll know Mr. Right when I meet him.

Tags: Him, Mother, Wife

I'd never say no to surgery in the future, because I feel like, as I get older, I'm going to face temptation more.

Tags: Face, Future, Older

I'll tell you my routine - it's really exciting. I feed, I burp, I change diapers, I pump. And then I have a tiny window of time to myself.

Tags: Change, Tell, Time

If I have a 12 or 14 hour workday, I am home the next. I cut out anything that is frivolous or doesn't need to be done.

Tags: Done, Home, Next

It's kind of ironic that if I get my Ph.D., I'll be a real doctor.

Tags: Doctor, Ironic, Real

It's not like I'm cooking! I'm breastfeeding - I feel like that's the best cooking I could do.

Tags: Best, Cooking

Some people think wearing powder ages them, but try it anyway. For me it mattes my makeup and blends it well.

Tags: Anyway, Makeup, Try

What I lack in energy, I have in wisdom.

Tags: Energy, Lack, Wisdom

Your forties is not the time to be thinking about getting pregnant.

Tags: Getting, Thinking, Time

For women of a certain age, how do you meet a guy, fall in love, and decide he's the right man to have children with? Your clock's ticking, you're looking at him, and it's a crazy, pressure-filled experience.

Tags: Age, Love, Women

I like bringing the girls on set, but if I can't do that then the next day I feel I have to be uber-mum to make up for it. Then I'm exhausted and feel like I'm running in fumes.

Tags: Exhausted, Next, Running

I try to balance it out on the whole. Being a mum is always the priority. Next, it's taking care of yourself. Right now, I get to only work two days a week - it's a dream. I can't imagine how hard it is for mothers who work 40 hours a week.

Tags: Care, Work, Yourself

I use as high SPF as I can get, and I live under a hat like a mushroom all the time. Someone said they're worried about their kids getting older and doing drugs, and I got this look of horror on my face and thought, 'What if my girls don't wear hats?' But at 13 months old, they could say 'hat.'

Tags: Someone, Thought, Time

When 'Desperate Housewives' ends, I think my girls will be about the kindergarten age. I will be so happy to be there for them through that huge transition.

Tags: Age, Desperate, Happy

With the red hair, you get the white skin; it's a package deal. The cons are that you never look particularly attractive on the beach. The pros are in a softly lit room, you look pretty.

Tags: Deal, Hair, Pretty
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