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Mario Gabelli's Quotes

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Born: 1942-06-19
Profession: Businessman
Nation: American
Biography of Mario Gabelli

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Always keep your portfolio and your risk at your own individual comfortable sleeping point.

Tags: Keep, Point, Risk

How do we take the bad out of fracking? How do you contain the water? How do we make a profit out of that? Get there early.

Tags: Bad, Early, Water

How do you make money? Spinoffs, split-ups, liquidations, mergers and acquisitions.

Tags: Mergers, Money

How can you allow the trading companies to locate computers closer to exchanges and flash millions of bids to give an unfair advantage?... Even professionals are losing faith in some aspects of the system.

Tags: Computers, Faith, Give

The free market is at its best when everybody works in a fish bowl and tells you their point of view... The hedge funds and portfolio managers have a right to do this... We've muted the analysts and their presence in the system.

Tags: Best, Fish, Free
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Mario Gabelli's quote #2
Mario Gabelli's quote #2
Mario Gabelli's quote #2
Mario Gabelli's quote #2
Mario Gabelli's quote #2
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