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Martha Scott's Quotes

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Born: 1912-09-22
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Martha Scott

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Do not make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans or they will treat you like dogs.

Tags: Mistake, Pet, Treat

I am going to marry Fantasia. She just doesn't know it yet.

Tags: Fantasia, Marry, She

People are dying who haven't had that opportunity to say yes to the Lord.

Tags: Dying, Lord, Yes

We set out to capture what was happening, and then we cut that into the series.

Tags: Cut, Happening, Series

Here, you can walk into a bookstore and pick up a Bible or Christian literature and learn. Over there, they are lucky if they have one Bible for a whole village.

Tags: Christian, Here, Learn

Our covering ministry is Challenge for Christ ministries, and Travel the Road was solely our mission arm, designed to expose people to what missions are, then connect them with agencies that send people out.

Tags: Challenge, Road, Travel

People get caught up in asking whether Americans should be going here or there. What it boils down to is the call of the Lord. If the Lord has called you to a specific area, that's where you are going to see the fruit.

Tags: Here, Lord, Whether

Typically, in the cities there can be resistance to the gospel or just to Americans, or anybody that's Western. When you get back into the villages, the people are very welcoming. Then when you get into Muslim areas, it definitely gets a little more difficult.

Tags: Anybody, Difficult, Muslim

What the guys have learned is that whether you're preaching to one or 10,000, it really doesn't matter. That one person you touch may change the nation - could be the Billy Graham of Ethiopia.

Tags: Change, Learned, May

When they were in Papua New Guinea, God just totally grabbed a hold of Will's heart and totally changed him. And within three months he was saved and he's never looked back since.

Tags: God, Heart, Him

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