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Mary Lynn Rajskub's Quotes

Mary Lynn Rajskub profile photo

Born: 1971-06-22
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Mary Lynn Rajskub

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Chloe is really just like an exaggerated aspect of myself.

Tags: Aspect, Chloe

I got into acting to avoid politics of any sort so I could remain in a fantasy world.

Tags: Acting, Avoid, Politics

I have to paint at least two times a week, and there's not enough time in the day to do everything.

Tags: Enough, Time, Times

I like America. I think it's pretty cool.

Tags: America, Cool, Pretty

I need to see where I am physically and practicing with NHL players is the best way to find that out.

Tags: Best, Players, Practicing

I personally have a background of many days on end of confusion, understimulation, overstimulation, and uncomfortableness with the world around me.

Tags: Confusion, Days, End

I read a fan bulletin board once, and somebody said I had a face like a potato, so I never went back on there.

Tags: Once, Read, Said

I'm not married and I don't think that's going to work out for me. I'm not even bitter, I'm just exhausted.

Tags: Bitter, Married, Work

I've been a weirdo since I was a kid.

Tags: Kid, Since, Weirdo

It always surprised me that I was getting acting work.

Tags: Acting, Getting, Work

I hadn't even watched '24' before, and the audition was kind of far away. When I got the material, there wasn't a character yet, so it almost seemed like an assistant to Jack Bauer saying, 'Yes, sir. No, sir.'

Tags: Away, Character, Saying

I told my agents that I didn't want to go on the audition. But as that was happening I called my mom, who has been watching the show from the beginning, and my mom said, 'It's the coolest show. You have to go.'

Tags: Mom, Said, Show

I went to art school for fine art and then I started doing performance art, and then I started making fun of performance art, and it turned into comedy.

Tags: Art, Fun, School

The more I get to do this character, the more I realize that she's not just annoying. It's that her strength is not interacting with people socially. She just doesn't have time because she has so much going on in her brain.

Tags: Character, Strength, Time

To really be on stage and not know what you're going to say, and to be able to say something that makes people laugh, or do something that's sort of abstract or off the beaten path and have people connect to it by just putting your ideas together, that really makes me happy.

Tags: Happy, Laugh, Together

When you go to auditions, pretend you already have the job and you're just presenting - almost like you're at the table read. Don't go in with an air of, 'Please like me,' or, 'Please hire me.' You're like, 'Here's my take on it. Take it or leave it. I've got a lot of other things to do today.'

Tags: Here, Job, Today

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