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Matthew Macfadyen's Quotes

Matthew Macfadyen profile photo

Born: 1974-10-17
Profession: Actor
Nation: English
Biography of Matthew Macfadyen

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I have felt some twinges recently, about parts I wanted to play that I may be getting too old and fat to do. 'Hamlet,' for example - maybe that's gone. I would love to play Richard II.

Tags: Love, May, Old

I think I do have a good eye. It's quite liberating, being in a position to read a script and say, 'No.' It's really the only power you have, as an actor.

Tags: Good, Power, Read

I think it sits quite happily with me, the condition of being an actor. I see some people getting quite eaten up with it, with the insecurities. There are times when I long for continuity and stability, but I also love the idea of not knowing what I'll be doing next - or even if I'm going to work.

Tags: Idea, Love, Work

I try to be fussy about the parts I play. I think that's quite prudent, it means you're stretching different muscles, and you're scaring yourself by doing something which is out of your comfort zone.

Tags: Means, Try, Yourself

I was quite a shy child. I would get terribly nervous and throw up before my birthday party. And then I would be fine. I feel the same now. I get nervous, then it's fine.

Tags: Birthday, Child, Quite

I've worried more and more as the years have gone on. The more you're seen to be doing well, the more stress there is. You feel you ought to consider things more, and be more fussy - there's further to fall. All these little worries.

Tags: Fall, Seen, Stress

Nobody's really unsympathetic, I think. People do good and bad things. If a character's totally unsympathetic, they're not real and I'm not interested.

Tags: Bad, Character, Good

Nobody's really unsympathetic, I think. People do good and bad things. If a character's totally unsympathetic, they're not real and I'm not interested. Even the real monsters have to have a spark of something you can relate to.

Tags: Bad, Character, Good

The lovely thing about being an actor is being anonymous, it's never having to explain yourself. And that's what I find interesting about actors or painters I admire. I don't want to know about their lives.

Tags: Lives, Lovely, Yourself

The security comes, as an actor, in knowing that you're not in control. If you try to control your career, or how people perceive you, you'll make yourself unhappy, because life doesn't work like that. So much is luck. It's much better to let yourself off, to think, 'There's nothing I can do.'

Tags: Life, Work, Yourself

Nobody's just arrogant. I've met people who are embattled and dismissive, but when you get to know them, you find that they're vulnerable - that that hauteur or standoffishiness is because they're pedaling furiously underneath.

Tags: Arrogant, Nobody, Vulnerable

My vanity is I'm terribly romantic! But being married is lovely.

Tags: Lovely, Married, Romantic

Apart from earning an awful lot of money, why would you go to Hollywood?

Tags: Hollywood, Money, Why

I can't throw books away. My wife is always telling me to get rid of some.

Tags: Away, Books, Wife

I don't feel like a romantic lead; I guess I feel more like a character actor.

Tags: Actor, Character, Romantic

I just loved the whole idea of being an actor.

Tags: Idea, Loved, Whole

I love books.

Tags: Books, Love

I love TV and I love making films and I love doing plays. I feel very lucky to be able to do all three.

Tags: Able, Love, Making

I think people ought to do what they feel useful at the time. If I do things because I ought to do them, I switch off.

Tags: Off, Time, Useful

I would hate not to do a play every couple of years. I think it's not me.

Tags: Couple, Hate

I wouldn't want to leave it so long before doing a play again, I get very stolid and sluggish if I do too much telly.

Tags: Again, Leave, Sluggish

I'd auditioned for the National Youth Theatre and I didn't get a place and it was terrifying.

Tags: Place, Theatre, Youth

It must be odd, being recognisable. I would hate to lose that anonymity. It happened for a while with 'Spooks.' No one notices me now.

Tags: Hate, Lose, While

It must be odd, being recognizable. I would hate to lose that anonymity.

Tags: Hate, Lose, Odd

It's a real skill to be able to publicise yourself.

Tags: Able, Real, Yourself

People like to think that actors are terribly worried about ghosts of other actors in the parts they play. But you just have to get on with it.

Tags: Ghosts, Parts, Worried
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Some British actors are snobby about telly, and I don't understand that.

Tags: British, Snobby, Understand

The actor in me would always like to be more dashing, or slimmer, or have nicer hair.

Tags: Actor, Hair, Nicer

There's always a concern as an actor that you'll be boring unless your character is swinging from a chandelier.

Tags: Actor, Boring, Character

What's exciting is there's a curtain that divides the audience from this other world. You want to see behind.

Tags: Audience, Behind, Exciting

You never know how films are going to do and it is daunting if I think about it.

Tags: Daunting, Films

You'd never play Hamlet if you started worrying about who's played it before you.

Tags: Played, Started, Worrying

As much as I long for a sort of security and consistency sometimes, I do enjoy sort of being busted around. I really don't know what's happening sometimes next week, let alone this year.

Tags: Alone, Enjoy, Sometimes

I did four or five years in telly, and by the end of it was drained. I was a bit sick of myself. I didn't feel like an actor anymore. That sounds silly, but when you're doing a play you're using different muscles, and it blew all the cobwebs away.

Tags: Away, End, Sick
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