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Michael Gove's Quotes

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Born: 1967-08-26
Profession: Politician
Nation: British
Biography of Michael Gove

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I was a union member in my youth as well and I went on strike, and I don't think it solved anything. It only made the situation worse for everyone involved.

Tags: Everyone, Situation, Youth

It is vital that teachers can be paid more without having to leave the classroom. This will be particularly important to schools in the most disadvantaged areas as it will empower them to attract and recruit the best teachers.

Tags: Best, Leave, Paid

It's critical that children spend time before they arrive in school in a warm, attractive and inclusive environment, where they can learn through play, master social skills and prepare for formal schooling.

Tags: Children, School, Time

Labor, under their current leadership, want to be the Downtown Abbey party when it comes to educational opportunity. They think working class children should stick to the station in life they were born into - they should be happy to be recognized for being good with their hands and not presume to get above themselves.

Tags: Good, Leadership, Life

My sister and I know our lives could have been different - radically, unthinkably, irretrievably different - if we had not been adopted. We might have found ourselves in homes without love, stability or kindness. We might have found ourselves in care for much longer, without the secure attachment that being cradled in a mother's arms brings.

Tags: Kindness, Love, Mother

One of the problems we've had is that the ICT curriculum in the past has been written for a subject that is changing all the time. I think that what we should have is computer science in the future - and how it fits in to the curriculum is something we need to be talking to scientists, to experts in coding and to young people about.

Tags: Future, Science, Time

The current leadership of the Labor party react to the idea that working-class students might study the subjects they studied with the same horror that the Earl of Grantham showed when a chauffeur wanted to marry his daughter.

Tags: Leadership, Study, Wanted

There is a slam-dunk case for extending foreign language teaching to children aged five. Just as some people have taken a perverse pride in not understanding mathematics, so we have taken a perverse pride in the fact that we do not speak foreign languages, and we just need to speak louder in English.

Tags: Children, Pride, Speak

Unfortunately, the real achievements of children on the ground became debased and devalued because Labor education secretaries sounded like Soviet commissars praising the tractor production figures when we know that those exams were not the rock-solid measures of achievement that children deserve.

Tags: Children, Education, Real

Well I've been crystal clear that we should not have schools which are set up by extremists whether they're Christian fundamentalists, Islamic fundamentalists or any other sort of outrageous and beyond the pale organization.

Tags: Beyond, Christian, Whether

What we're doing now is we're saying that individual schools can spend the money on their own priorities, so that head teachers can decide what's truly important, because the big shift in approach on education that we're taking - which is different from what happened before - is that we trust teachers and we trust heads.

Tags: Education, Money, Trust

When I talk to teachers they tell me the things they'd most like from any government are a reduction in bureaucracy, support to help ensure good discipline and a reformed Ofsted.

Tags: Good, Government, Help

You know you don't see hospital consultants going on strike, and I don't believe that teachers and head teachers should. It's within their rights, it's a civil right, but I think it is wrong in terms of the reputation of the profession.

Tags: Rights, Within, Wrong

You wouldn't tolerate an underperforming surgeon in an operating theatre, or a underperforming midwife at your child's birth. Why is it that we tolerate underperforming teachers in the classroom?

Tags: Child, Theatre, Why

The single most important thing in a child's performance is the quality of the teacher. Making sure a child spends the maximum amount of time with inspirational teachers is the most important thing.

Tags: Single, Teacher, Time

Children in dysfunctional homes at risk of abuse are kept in danger for too long because politically correct rules mean we won't challenge unfit parents.

Tags: Children, Mean, Parents

The big shift in approach on education that we are taking - which is different from what happened before - is that we trust teachers and we trust heads.

Tags: Big, Education, Trust

Learning a foreign language, and the culture that goes with it, is one of the most useful things we can do to broaden the empathy and imaginative sympathy and cultural outlook of children.

Tags: Children, Learning, Sympathy

I'm a decentralizer. I believe in trusting professionals.

Tags: Trusting

It's often the case that successful people invite criticism.

Tags: Criticism, Often, Successful

Adopting means opening your home, and heart, to a life you've never known. But there is nothing as richly rewarding as being an adoptive parent.

Tags: Heart, Home, Life

Ever since going up to university, I have accumulated new debt, and new means of becoming indebted.

Tags: Debt, Means, Since

I think more and more respect has been accorded to teachers, and quite rightly so.

Tags: Quite, Respect, Teachers

I'm clear that we do need to improve what's happening in our schools.

Tags: Clear, Happening, Improve

In this fallen world, I suspect we will never achieve perfection. But that won't stop me trying.

Tags: Stop, Trying, Won

It is literally the case that learning languages makes you smarter. The neural networks in the brain strengthen as a result of language learning.

Tags: Brain, Learning, Makes
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Many more schools can be outstanding.

Tags: Schools

One of the problems we have is children are not in school long enough in the day and during the year.

Tags: Children, Enough, School

Proper history teaching is being crushed under the weight of play-based pedagogy which infantilises children, teachers and our culture.

Tags: Children, Culture, History

Teachers themselves know if there's a colleague who can't keep control or keep the interest of their class, it affects the whole school.

Tags: Control, Keep, School

The accumulation of cultural capital - the acquisition of knowledge - is the key to social mobility.

Tags: Key, Knowledge, Social

You come home to find your 17-year-old daughter engrossed in a book. Which would delight you more - if it were 'Twilight' or 'Middlemarch?'

Tags: Book, Daughter, Home

A coalition with Tories and Liberal Democrats together is a golden opportunity to create the sort of planning reform that means not only can we have more environmentally sensitive planning, but we can have more homes and more schools.

Tags: Liberal, Means, Together

As long as there are people in education making excuses for failure, cursing future generations with a culture of low expectations, denying children access to the best that has been thought and written, because Nemo and the Mister Men are more relevant, the battle needs to be joined.

Tags: Best, Education, Men

At the moment, I'm afraid that the discipline system doesn't give teachers the support that they need. One thing that I've been struck by is that the number of violent assaults on teachers increased last year. We need to be clear that teachers have the power they need in order to impose discipline.

Tags: Give, Moment, Power

Children themselves know they are being cheated. Ultimately we owe it to our children. They are in school for 190 days a year. Every moment they spend learning is precious. If a year goes by and they are not being stretched and excited, that blights their life.

Tags: Learning, Life, School

I have a different starting premise from those 100 academics who are so heavily invested in the regime of low expectations and narrow horizons which they have created.

Tags: Academics, Horizons, Starting

I love my parents in the way most children would: for having been there at every point in my youth and childhood, ready to pick me up when I fell and support me when I stumbled.

Tags: Children, Love, Parents

I think it's appropriate that we simplify, clarify and strengthen, so instead of this nebulousness, we have clarity and authority invested in teachers once more.

Tags: Authority, Clarity, Once
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