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Michael Ignatieff's Quotes

Michael Ignatieff profile photo

Born: 1947-05-12
Profession: Politician
Nation: Canadian
Biography of Michael Ignatieff

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I distinguish, between nationalism and patriotism.

Tags: Between, Patriotism

There's intense national feeling in America that could be called patriotism.

Tags: Feeling, Patriotism

All war aims for impunity.

Tags: Aims, Impunity, War

How do you keep war accountable to the American people when war becomes invisible and virtual?

Tags: American, Keep, War

I think no one could have made peace in Bosnia besides Holbrooke.

Tags: Besides, Bosnia, Peace

It's good for people to believe in causes larger than themselves.

Tags: Causes, Good, Themselves

Patriotism is strong nationalistic feeling for a country whose borders and whose legitimacy and whose ethnic composition is taken for granted.

Tags: Feeling, Patriotism, Strong

There's a civic nationalism in Britain and dozens of other countries.

Tags: Britain, Civic, Countries

There's a financial cost, but the only costs that are ever real are the costs of our soldiers.

Tags: Financial, Real, Soldiers

We wanted this war and now we've got it, and I'm not sure that we know what to do with it.

Tags: Sure, Wanted, War

What we want is to become masters in our own house.

Tags: Become, House, Masters

I was with the U.N. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali on the day that Srebrenica fell, which happened to be a huge historical turning point in the Bosnian war.

Tags: Happened, Point, War

The wars of the future will be fought by computer technicians and by lawyers and high-altitude specialists, and that may mean war will be increasingly abstract, hard to think about and hard to control.

Tags: Future, Hard, War

There are lots of nations in the world or national peoples who don't yet have states. They're inside someone else's state and they want a state of their own.

Tags: Else, Someone, State

There's a way in which these guys all think absolutely media, day and night. Access is what it's all about, so they spin 24 hours a day and that's a problem.

Tags: Guys, Night, Problem

Your generation and mine have had very little real experience; we've been severed from the direct experience of war by some very good things. By the end of the draft, and by the defeat in Vietnam.

Tags: Experience, Good, War
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