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Michael W. Smith's Quotes

Michael W. Smith profile photo

Born: 1957-10-07
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Michael W. Smith

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Really, I could care less if there's a Second Decade record.

Tags: Care, Less, Second

Some of the most powerful times are when we're quiet.

Tags: Powerful, Quiet, Times

There are a lot of bad worship songs, in my opinion, but there are a lot of good ones, too.

Tags: Bad, Good, Opinion

This fall I'm doing something I've never done before. I'm starring in a film, an independent film.

Tags: Done, Fall, Film

We were engaged three-and-a-half weeks after the first date.

Tags: After, Date, Engaged

We've probably never met, but I wish we had.

Tags: Met, Wish

I think it all comes down to relationships - how I treat my wife, how I treat my kids, how I treat the guys at the grocery store, all aspects of every day, what I'm involved in.

Tags: Kids, Treat, Wife

I've said to others that there were places I had forgotten about that were just so powerful. I've read the Gospels many times, but it's been a while since I've read through a whole book.

Tags: Book, Others, Powerful

Healing rain is a real touch from God. It could be physical healing or emotional or whatever.

Tags: Emotional, God, Rain

Transformation in the world happens when people are healed and start investing in other people.

Tags: Happens, Investing, Start

Love wasn't put in your heart to stay. Love isn't love until you give it away.

Tags: Give, Heart, Love

Just look at the Old Testament. They didn't go out with the army first. They sent the musicians out.

Tags: Army, Musicians, Old

But I know God has big stuff planned that ultimately doesn't have anything to do with me.

Tags: Big, God, Stuff

I think if the church did what they were supposed to do we wouldn't have anyone sleeping on the streets.

Tags: Anyone, Church, Sleeping

I think worship is a lifestyle, first of all.

Tags: Lifestyle, Worship

I, on the other hand, have a bit of a southern accent.

Tags: Accent, Bit, Hand

Things change when you give your life to serving God, and that can be scary.

Tags: Change, God, Life

Doing the instrumental thing, you're really looking for the power of the melody to carry the record.

Tags: Carry, Looking, Power

Even though we were all celebrities to a certain extent, we all looked at each other as family.

Tags: Extent, Family, Though

For some reason, and for a time such as this, God has given me favor with kings and princes.

Tags: God, Reason, Time
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God deserves the best from us.

Tags: Best, Deserves, God

I believe people are afraid to be still because we're used to being stimulated.

Tags: Afraid, Stimulated, Used

I sang at the Inaugural prayer service at the National Cathedral.

Tags: National, Prayer, Service

I sure love Ireland. The first trip I ever made was last year when I did this record in Dublin.

Tags: Last, Love, Year

I think one of my greatest gifts is leading worship.

Tags: Gifts, Greatest, Worship

I think The Big Picture was such a huge shift from my second record.

Tags: Big, Picture, Second

I think there's a passion for God like never before.

Tags: God, Passion

I'm learning, but I'm getting better at it because I'm learning how to hear God in worship.

Tags: Getting, God, Learning

I've been there and done all that, sold millions of records, and that doesn't bring you peace.

Tags: Bring, Done, Peace

I've explored the worship side, the pop side, and the film scoring side of me.

Tags: Film, Side, Worship

In terms of worship, I think we ought to have the right people leading.

Tags: Leading, Ought, Worship

It's really interesting to go back to '93 or '94 and listen to that music, like the I'll Lead You Home record.

Tags: Home, Listen, Music

Not everyone can lead worship.

Tags: Everyone, Lead, Worship

Anthropology is the science which tells us that people are the same the whole world over - except when they are different.

Tags: Except, Science, Whole

In my experience, if you have to keep the lavatory door shut by extending your left leg, it's modern architecture.

Tags: Door, Experience, Keep

Agatha Christie has given more pleasure in bed than any other woman.

Tags: Bed, Pleasure, Woman

You carry forever the fingerprint that comes from being under someone's thumb.

Tags: Carry, Forever, Someone