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Mid-Life Crisis Quotes

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I ran for Congress not because I was having a mid-life crisis. I left the private sector because I saw a looming financial crisis that was coming to this country. It's unsustainable.

Tags: Congress, Country, Crisis  ✍ Author: Steve Daines

I totally relate to Tom Cruise. He's not crazy, it's just the litany of the mid-life crisis.

Tags: Crazy, Crisis, Cruise  ✍ Author: Bret Easton Ellis

The mid-life crisis is just those times when you're not so into the things you were when you were younger.

Tags: Crisis, Times, Younger  ✍ Author: Jay Kay

See, what you're meant to do when you have a mid-life crisis is buy a fast car, aren't you? Well, I've always had fast cars. It's not that. It's the fear that you're past your best. It's the fear that the stuff you've done in the past is your best work.

Tags: Best, Car, Work  ✍ Author: Robbie Coltraine

The mid-life crisis hits men harder than women.

Tags: Crisis, Men, Women  ✍ Author: Sonia Johnson

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Mid-Life Crisis quote #2
Mid-Life Crisis quote #2
Mid-Life Crisis quote #2
Mid-Life Crisis quote #2
Mid-Life Crisis quote #2
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