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Mohammed Morsi's Quotes

Mohammed Morsi profile photo

Born: 1951-08-20
Profession: Politician
Nation: Egyptian
Biography of Mohammed Morsi

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The president of the Arab Republic of Egypt is the commander of the armed forces, full stop.

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Egypt now is a real civil state. It is not theocratic, it is not military. It is democratic, free, constitutional, lawful and modern.

Tags: Free, Real, State

Freedom of expression comes with responsibilities, especially when it comes with serious implications for peace.

Tags: Freedom, Peace, Serious

The situation in Egypt is stable. We are ready for tourism and investment.

Tags: Investment, Ready, Situation

There cannot be peace in the Middle East without giving Palestinians their full rights.

Tags: Cannot, Giving, Peace

The world is not uni-cultural. We must live together rather than seeking to dominate each other. The people in the world cannot accept domination anymore.

Tags: Cannot, Rather, Together

Egyptians are always and will always be supportive of their Palestinian brothers, all Palestinians.

Tags: Brothers, Egyptians, Supportive

I never meant to antagonize anyone.

Tags: Antagonize, Anyone, Meant

I will not use my legislative powers except in a very limited framework.

Tags: Except, Framework, Limited

I will treat everyone equally and be a servant of the Egyptian people.

Tags: Everyone, Servant, Treat

The revolutions of the Arab Spring happened because people realized they were the power.

Tags: Happened, Power, Spring

There is a positive and personal relationship between the Egyptian people and the Syrian people.

Tags: Between, Personal, Positive

We Egyptians reject any kind of assault or insult against our prophet.

Tags: Against, Insult, Reject

If you want to judge the performance of the Egyptian people by the standards of German or Chinese or American culture, then there is no room for judgment.

Tags: American, Culture, Judge

I will not betray my country.

Tags: Betray, Country

Egypt is practicing its very normal role on its soil and does not threaten anyone and there should not be any kind of international or regional concerns at all from the presence of Egyptian security forces.

Tags: Anyone, Normal, Security

We all have to announce our full solidarity with the struggle of those seeking freedom and justice in Syria, and translate this sympathy into a clear political vision that supports a peaceful transition to a democratic system of rule that reflects the demands of the Syrian people for freedom.

Tags: Freedom, Struggle, Sympathy

When the Egyptians decide something, probably it is not appropriate for the U.S. When the Americans decide something, this, of course, is not appropriate for Egypt.

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