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Norman Mailer Quotes

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I've always been a fan of books that create an interesting blend of fact and fiction - whether it's Norman Mailer, or 'The Short Timers,' or 'In Cold Blood.' I'm a fan of that genre.

Tags: Fact, Short, Whether  ✍ Author: Enid Blyton

It's absolutely philistine not to recognize what a great book 'An American Dream' is. Norman Mailer is his own worst enemy, and if you don't catch him in a defensive position, he'll admit it. I'd really like to help that man.

Tags: Enemy, Great, Help  ✍ Author: Germaine Greer

Me and Norman Mailer have talked about how hard it is in America to get better. Especially at writing.

Tags: America, Hard, Writing  ✍ Author: Ken Kesey

The whole book experience was a look into another world, the world of Gore Vidal and Norman Mailer.

Tags: Another, Book, Experience  ✍ Author: Jerry Kramer

What had brought me to New York in the autumn of 1972 was a letter of recommendation written by Norman Mailer, the author of 'The Naked and the Dead' and American literature's leading heavyweight contender, to Dan Wolf, the delphic editor of 'The Village Voice.'

Tags: American, Dead, Voice  ✍ Author: Susan Wojcicki

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Norman Mailer quote #2
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Norman Mailer quote #2
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