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Norman Spinrad's Quotes

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Born: 1940-09-15
Profession: Author
Nation: American
Biography of Norman Spinrad

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I'm not gifted, but I'm not hopeless.

Tags: Gifted, Hopeless

Mexico was conquered more by manipulation of myth and archetype.

Tags: Conquered, Mexico, Myth

As a child, I read science fiction, but from the very beginnings of my reading for pleasure, I read a lot of non-fictional history, particularly historical biography.

Tags: Child, History, Science

I've always been interested in the relationship between total external surround, culture, the political matrix, technology, etc., and the internal human consciousness.

Tags: Human, Political, Technology

English is taking over the world. I just wrote a piece about it. And it's not by design. The United States dominates because it's the biggest market.

Tags: Design, English, United

I believe that interest in heroes is universal and eternal.

Tags: Heroes, Interest, Universal

I get work because I'm primarily a novelist but I've become script doctor. I can work back and forth between French and English.

Tags: Become, Between, Work

I must admit to being greatly influenced by Joseph Campbell's The Hero With a Thousand Faces.

Tags: Admit, Hero, Thousand

I never learned to read music.

Tags: Learned, Music, Read

I was a precocious reader.

Tags: Precocious, Reader

I write in American slang.

Tags: American, Slang, Write

If I had parallel lives to pursue, I would also want one as a painter.

Tags: Lives, Painter, Pursue

If it's not American, the French won't go see it.

Tags: American, French, Won

In America, if you don't do a 100 million dollars, you've done nothing.

Tags: America, Done, Million

Is anything accidental?

Tags: Accidental

The world has become more complex as technology and easy travel mixes cultures without homogenizing them.

Tags: Become, Technology, Travel

There are certain things that ordinary people have that celebrities don't have.

Tags: Ordinary

When you're in the States and you're a writer and you've got money and you walk into a bank, you're a bum with money.

Tags: Money, Walk, Writer

You can really do more than you think you can do.

Tags: Age, Means, Wrong

The thematic, psychological, and cultural concerns of a writer are more relevant than whatever literary mode he or she chooses to deal with in any given novel.

Tags: She, Whatever, Writer

All roads lead to Wall Street, but we feel the effects of Wall Street on every street corner. Certainly in Syracuse, N.Y., where I live.

Tags: Lead, Street, Wall

Getting an audience requires luck as well as talent. Some artists are private and shy. It costs them too much.

Tags: Getting, Luck, Talent

I am a great procrastinator. When the writing is going really well, the laundry piles up.

Tags: Great, Laundry, Writing

I like the challenge of creating a world with only sentences.

Tags: Challenge, Creating, Sentences

I like to buy books for the kids in my family. I guess that's why they call me the 'mean' aunt.

Tags: Family, Mean, Why

I try to write about how we live today, how we use language, technology, our bodies.

Tags: Technology, Today, Try

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It takes a long time to write a novel when you have to keep interrupting your work to earn money.

Tags: Money, Time, Work

That was one of the reasons I became a writer - I never really had that many friends. I would read a lot, and listen to music. And that was my life.

Tags: Friends, Life, Music

Yes, I did try acting when I was in high school and I was terrible at it. So I definitely have had the experience of being bad at artistic endeavor.

Tags: Bad, Experience, School

Your memories from your early childhood seem to have such purchase on your emotions. They are so concrete.

Tags: Childhood, Emotions, Memories

A good novel should be deeply unsettling - its satisfactions should come from its authenticity and its formal coherence. We must feel something crucial is at stake.

Tags: Deeply, Good, Novel

Although a great restaurant experience must include great food, a bad restaurant experience can be achieved through bad service alone. Ideally, service is invisible. You notice it only when something goes wrong.

Tags: Experience, Food, Great

I don't have a lot of skills, but one thing I can do is, I can compartmentalize. I can make that a little world that I can go back to, so I can be a waitress, or I can be a teacher, and then go and work on my book.

Tags: Book, Teacher, Work

I have to say that movies have as much impact on me as music. And that I learned as much about narrative from movies as I did from reading novels, how to arrange stories, how to juxtapose things.

Tags: Learned, Movies, Music

I locate a great deal of the power of Occupy Wall Street in the name itself, 'Occupy Wall Street,' or '#OccupyWallStreet.' It works because the name contains everything you need to know: the tactic and the target. The name is also modular. You can create your own offshoot in your own city.

Tags: Great, Name, Power

I think it's harder than ever to be an artist. I think that you end up, especially as a middle-aged person, you pay such big consequences for saying, 'I'm just going to devote my life to making art,' or 'I'm going to devote my life to writing novels.' You end up with no resources.

Tags: Art, End, Life

Memory is not particularly linear - it is associative, repetitive, subjective and porous. But the writer needs to convey disorder and dysfunction without making the novel itself disorderly or dysfunctional.

Tags: Making, Memory, Writer

My husband is a musician. He cooks and he's a chef but he also, he makes basement recordings. So many people in my life make basement recordings, so I feel very lucky, I'm surrounded by very creative people.

Tags: Creative, Husband, Life

Occupy Wall Street means making Wall Street and the corporate power elite understand that the people affected by the binge of unregulated greed are not going away, and they are not going to give up.

Tags: Give, Greed, Power

People think it's suspect and self-indulgent to make art, and I don't think that's true. Some people think you should be busy making something that you can sell in the marketplace, and if nobody wants to buy it, it must be crap. And that's not true.

Tags: Art, Busy, True

The idea that you can live off the grid and just do your own thing is a very American idea - that you should be able to do your own thing, if you want to, if you're willing to pay the price for it. I think the price has gotten higher and higher.

Tags: Able, American, Off

The novel is about, for me, sustained and organized looking. I do think that people have a hunger for a sustained engagement, that concentration that the book can offer.

Tags: Book, Looking, Novel

There's lots of things that can't make it in the world that are worth making. There are lots of great artists who never make it, there are lots of great writers who don't get published - is it still worthwhile? Aren't we glad people are still doing it?

Tags: Great, Making, Worth

Everybody has lost somebody that they care about, or hopefully you haven't, but that's part of life.

Tags: Care, Life, Lost

I grew up with brothers, and we would play-fight a lot.

Tags: Brothers

I literally came to L.A. like every actor does from this little town with this big dream, and I'm living in it now. It's mind-blowing.

Tags: Big, Dream, Living

I think whenever you lose somebody close to you, there's always a part of you that wishes you could have done something differently.

Tags: Done, Lose, Somebody

I'm a very active person. I'm a big tomboy, throwing around a football, hiking... all that stuff I love.

Tags: Big, Football, Love

I've always been interested in martial arts.

Tags: Arts, Interested, Martial

I have very fond memories of growing up in Greece, of my brothers and I causing chaos and climbing up trees, which is really cool. Back then, we didn't have all the video games and all that stuff. We just had each other, and we played on the street.

Tags: Cool, Growing, Memories

I'm obsessed with my PlayStation. I'll come home and plug away at 'Fallout' for a couple of hours. Or, if I'm feeling the hacking and slashing, I'll play a little 'God of War.'

Tags: God, Home, War