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Celebrity has some amazing advantages, of course it does. You're given an extraordinary power. It's a door-opener. I might not have to queue for things.

Tags: Amazing, Might, Power  ✍ Author: Geri Halliwell

Love is the opener as well as closer of eyes.

Tags: Closer, Eyes, Love  ✍ Author: George MacDonald

My first hero, as a teenager, was James Connolly. I remember discovering that he was a feminist, and that was an eye-opener, coming from a man of such poverty.

Tags: Hero, Poverty, Remember  ✍ Author: Frances O\'Grady

I have been in meetings where a head of state will say, 'I like your tie,' to a man... or, 'I like your country because the weather's good,' or whatever. So for me, the pins in some ways were openers.

Tags: Country, Good, Weather  ✍ Author: Madeleine Albright

A real estate closer. Oh, what's that? I'm a real estate opener. What is a real estate closer? You mean at the end where you've got to sign all those papers?

Tags: End, Mean, Real  ✍ Author: Louie Anderson

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