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Pacemaker Quotes

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I had my hearing aid fixed today so that I could properly hear you. I can't see as well. I now have - this has stopped me from smoking - a pacemaker, have for about the last 15 years. No, I don't like getting old.

Tags: Old, Smoking, Today  ✍ Author: Mike Wallace

Under Medicare right now, I get paid to put a pacemaker in you, but I don't get paid to counsel you about end-of-life care.

Tags: Care, Paid, Put  ✍ Author: Thomas Dooley

Listen - pacemaker, crash, stroke. What does it mean? God doesn't want me now. That's all.

Tags: God, Listen, Mean  ✍ Author: Kirk Douglas

When we benefit from CT scanners, M.R.I. devices, pacemakers and arterial stents, we can immediately appreciate how science affects the quality of our lives.

Tags: Lives, Quality, Science  ✍ Author: Brian Greene

This is the pain pacemaker. I've got a battery under my skin. From that battery are two electrodes that go into the spine where they cut bone away to accommodate it. Now I put on the power here. If I have the pain, the stimulator starts. It's tingling, like when your foot falls asleep, you know?

Tags: Pain, Power, Put  ✍ Author: Jerry Lewis

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Pacemaker quote #2
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Pacemaker quote #2
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