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Paul Ince's Quotes

Paul Ince profile photo

Born: 1967-10-21
Profession: Athlete
Nation: English
Biography of Paul Ince

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I don't like publicity, being in the limelight.

Tags: Limelight, Publicity

I just didn't want to walk away from football without knowing what it meant to be a manager, or even wondering what it was like to be sacked.

Tags: Away, Football, Knowing

I like to knuckle down and get on with my job. I'll make mistakes, I'm bound to, but I'll write them down and I'll learn from them.

Tags: Job, Learn, Mistakes

I love tackling, love it. It's better than sex.

Tags: Love, Sex, Tackling

I'm taking it step by step and not thinking at all about a new contract.

Tags: Step, Taking, Thinking

It's a shame the Manchester United situation turned sour.

Tags: Shame, Situation, United

It's not just what you do on the pitch, it's what you do off the pitch.

Tags: Off, Pitch

Liverpool fans were great to me, I still live near the city and they always come up and shake my hand.

Tags: City, Great, Hand

Marcel Desailly was pretty hard when I played against him in a Milan derby.

Tags: Hard, Him, Pretty

Of course, I will keep myself fit, keep my boots clean and you never know.

Tags: Clean, Fit, Keep

The best player I've ever played with was Paul Gascoigne. He had everything. He was amazing.

Tags: Amazing, Best, Player

We can't keep playing catch up as we have done for every season I've been here.

Tags: Done, Here, Keep

When I retire I'm gonna bet on Wolves drawing every game. I'll be a multi-millionaire!

Tags: Drawing, Game, Wolves

The problem is, when you come back in you're sweating, so I wait until the very last minute before putting on my shirt so that it's not covered in sweat.

Tags: Last, Problem, Wait

We do not want to be giving quality sides such as Southampton, Palace, Norwich and the rest eight or nine points start and expect to get back up with them.

Tags: Giving, Rest, Start
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