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Paul Mellon's Quotes

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Born: 1907-06-11
Profession: Businessman
Nation: American
Biography of Paul Mellon

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Collecting is the sort of thing that creeps up on you.

Tags: Collecting, Creeps

College isn't the only answer. Reading is a college that you can and should attend all your life.

Tags: College, Life, Reading

Just as there is no substitute for original works of art, there is no substitute for the world of direct sensual experience.

Tags: Art, Experience, Works

Preliminary drawings or sketches in oil or pastel often have an immediacy and emotional appeal far greater than the final canvas.

Tags: Emotional, Far, Often

There is no intellectual or emotional substitute for the authentic, the original, the unique masterpiece.

Tags: Emotional, Original, Unique

When you give away large sums of money, you can cause as much damage as you may do good.

Tags: Good, May, Money

In a way, my father was lucky. He had a hunch that his vision of the National Gallery would interest other collectors and persuade them to come in with him, and that hunch proved to be right.

Tags: Father, Him, Vision

It was my father's hope, and it is ours, that the National Gallery would become not a static but a living institution, growing in usefulness and importance to artists, scholars and the general public.

Tags: Father, Hope, Living

Within 18 months of my parents' marriage in 1900, my mother fell in love with an Englishman who would have described himself as a gentleman but who was, in fact, nothing more than a devious adventurer.

Tags: Love, Marriage, Mother
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