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Pauline Marois's Quotes

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Born: 1949-03-29
Profession: Politician
Nation: Canadian
Biography of Pauline Marois

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Sovereignty was not an issue in this campaign. The sovereignty numbers that were there before the campaign are still there. Sovereignty is as alive as it was. But there is work to do to convince Quebecers.

Tags: Alive, Issue, Work

Cynicism lost and hope won. For the first time, the government of Quebec will be led by a woman.

Tags: Government, Hope, Time

I feel like saying we need to all calm down a little. Let's take the time to breathe. I have no intention of allowing myself be distracted.

Tags: Calm, Saying, Time

If Quebeckers want Jean Charest, well, they can choose him. It's never a winning formula to divide Quebeckers.

Tags: Choose, Him, Winning

Never, never, will I accept, on issues of integrity, comparisons with the Liberal party.

Tags: Accept, Integrity, Liberal

No one can buy me. It allows me to devote myself completely to what I do. Knowing that I'm comfortable removes a big burden off my shoulders.

Tags: Big, Knowing, Off

Sovereignty is as necessary as ever.

Tags: Necessary

The anglophones are Quebecers, as are the French, as are the new Quebecers.

Tags: French

The biggest risk to Quebec isn't sovereignty. It is staying in Canada.

Tags: Biggest, Canada, Risk

There is a false assumption about the Parti Quebecois that we don't know anything about the economy... Well that's a myth.

Tags: Assumption, Economy, False

We do not want the Quebec nation to disappear.

Tags: Disappear, Nation, Quebec

We have a beautiful program which is audacious and I really want us all to roll up our sleeves and to work at making it a success.

Tags: Beautiful, Success, Work

We want a country. and we will get it, our country.

Tags: Country

You know, I would like to ask to the other parts of Canada to respect the minority of the French Canadians.

Tags: Ask, Canada, Respect

You know, kicking people's butts with round-edged boots is good, but with pointy shoes, it's even better.

Tags: Boots, Good, Shoes

For me, everything is still possible and I am as determined as ever. I believe first that the project of a people does not die. It is the project of freedom for a people, it is a project of sovereignty. And since the nation exists, it has the right to its own state. I will work to advance it in that direction.

Tags: Die, Freedom, Work

I can assure you the hemorrhaging has stopped. I asked remaining caucus members if they adhered to the party program, if they would stay in the PQ and that they would be by my side. They all said yes.

Tags: Party, Said, Stay

I hope that one day the people of Quebec will one day be a part of the concert of nations. This is an internal debate. This will happen when Quebecers are ready.

Tags: Happen, Hope, Ready

I joined the PQ in the 1970s because of the issue of sovereignty. And that's why I wake up in the morning. A woman who gives birth to a country, that would be interesting.

Tags: Country, Morning, Woman

I want to tell Quebecers that are listening: if you want to get back to the goal of creating a country, only a majority government can do it, a sovereigntist government of the Parti Quebecois.

Tags: Country, Goal, Government

My victory is your victory. My victory is the victory of a unified party, a party that wants to propose to the Quebec people a country that is free and a country that is independent.

Tags: Country, Free, Victory

One of the ways to make sure policies are more transparent and to help restore people's confidence in politicians... is to ensure renewal at the highest level of office.

Tags: Confidence, Help, Sure

We don't know what proportion of public funds is regularly lost to collusion and corruption. Is it 25 per cent? 30 per cent? We do know that a portion of these public funds are feeding organized crime.

Tags: Corruption, Lost, Public

You know, now there is always half of the new Quebecers who are going to the English CEGEP. After that, often they are going to work in English. So for us, that is so important. We are a real minority in North America. Two per cent of the population are French-speaking. We have to protect this reality.

Tags: Real, Reality, Work
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