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Peter Weller's Quotes

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Born: 1947-06-24
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Peter Weller

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A lot of things I don't do well; I don't do warm and fuzzy well.

Tags: Fuzzy, Warm

Art has absolutely changed my life.

Tags: Art, Changed, Life

I steer away from episodic TV; it burns you out.

Tags: Away, Burns, Tv

I'm finishing my Ph.D. in Italian Renaissance history.

Tags: Finishing, History, Italian

I'm just gonna be real grateful to be on any freaking movie set for the rest of my life.

Tags: Grateful, Life, Real

My career was always full of risks one way or another, and that's the way I like it.

Tags: Another, Career, Full

The best reason to go to the movies is to be with other people. Eating the popcorn, being with other people you don't know.

Tags: Best, Movies, Reason

The goals are not about the sweet smell of success as much as it's about enjoying a damn day on the movie set... I live in a complete state of grace.

Tags: State, Success, Sweet

When I go to the movies, I like romance, comedy, and thrillers. I hate gore.

Tags: Comedy, Hate, Movies

I don't care for horror and fantasy films. I never go to see them in the theater. I know I've played in many of them, but I didn't do them because of their genre - I did them just because I loved their scripts.

Tags: Care, Films, Loved

Television is an isolating experience, sadly enough. I'm sorry to say it. But as good as it ever gets, it's still isolating. You sit in your home and visit with no one.

Tags: Experience, Good, Home
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